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Best Best Pictures in the Caricatura - Humorous Review of the Last Decade

13.02.2020 | 12:15 Clock | Culture
Best Best Pictures in the Caricatura - Humorous Review of the Last Decade

After the great success of the TITANIC exhibition there is now another review in the Caricatura Museum, which is well worth seeing. This time, a humorous look back on the last decade is presented - using cartoons from the volumes of the "Best Pictures" book series, which started ten years ago. The series quickly developed into a success. While 70 caricaturists had contributed works for the first volume, new names were added year after year, so that in retrospect, the pages were filled by about 90 artists with a total of over 3,000 comic drawings. The editors now receive more than 2000 submissions per volume, from which they then select the "best pictures" in the truest sense of the word. These are not only a chronicle of the times, they have also served as the basis for the German Cartoon Award since 2016. No wonder that participation in this series is so sought after by both established artists and young cartoonists - even if they can only be paid a very small fee. </It is an honour for the editors Dieter Schwalm and Wolfgang Kleinert to be able to present this anniversary show at the Caricatura Museum in Frankfurt. The exhibition not only depicts the political, social and sporting events of the last decade in a humorous and sometimes mercilessly evil way. It also shows how much the cartoon landscape has changed in recent years. "In the last ten years, the drawings have become much more political," Schwalm said at the press conference. Another positive aspect is that more and more women are submitting cartoons. The number of young draughtsmen would also have increased. Kleinert adds: "It was important to us from the very beginning that new people and thus also new styles were added all the time. </It is the stylistic and thematic diversity that makes this exhibition and the accompanying book "10 Years of Best Pictures", published by Lappan, so successful. Sometimes you can laugh here about particularly formative events or also about very simple everyday situations. Sometimes, however, the finger is purposefully put into social wounds, so that here and there the laughter gets stuck in your throat. A total of 274 cartoons will be on display, including 222 prints on paper, 26 drawings on paper, 12 prints on Kapa, 10 prints on Forex, 2 paper collages, 1 print on canvas and 1 painting by a total of 81 artists, including Bettina Bexte, Gerhard Glück, Katharina Greve, GerhardHaderer, Rudi Hurzlmeier, Til Mette or Stephan Rürup. </p>

Whether it's the Google surveillance mania, the refugee problem, the rise of the AFD, the annoying vuvuzelas for the World Cup in South Africa, the still unfinished capital airport BER, the climate debate, Donald Trump, the serious attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo or the death of Loriot - what has moved people over the last ten years is discussed here. This is wonderfully funny, but it is also very thought-provoking at times. A really worthwhile exhibition, which can be seen in the Caricatura until 14 June. By the way, the extensive book on the exhibition is available for an unbeatable 20 Euros!

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