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Bomb Disarmament on Sunday, April 14, 2019

12.04.2019 | 08:33 Clock | Service
Bomb Disarmament on Sunday, April 14, 2019

A few days ago, during a diving exercise in the Main River, a 250 kg air force bomb from World War II was discovered. This must now be removed by experts from the explosive ordnance clearance service of the Darmstadt Regional Council. The defusing of the bomb is scheduled for Sunday, April 14th. And as usual, for safety reasons, such an action also requires the evacuation of a defined danger zone. 

Therefore, the first rows of houses on both sides of the Main bank must be evacuated in a defined area. In the second row of houses, in an area also defined by the explosive ordnance clearance service, the residents are obliged to observe a special behaviour. This means that affected residents may remain in the buildings (yellow protection zone). However, they should avoid window areas on the side facing the Main and keep windows and doors closed. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to stay outside in this area for the duration of the evacuation period. In the area of road and ship traffic as well as in public transport, obstructions around the Old Bridge will result in obstructions  

For the visualisation of the planned evacuation measures, maps will be published showing the two evacuation zones. 

Red zone (evacuation zone): All residents of this zone must have left their apartment and this area by Sunday, April 14, 2019, 08:00 hours. Subsequently, the area is controlled by the police and the city police.

The same zone (protection zone): Here, as described above, the specification of the special behaviours to be observed on Sunday, 14.04.19 from 09:30 until release applies. A care centre for the persons affected by the evacuation will be set up in the Ratskeller des Römers, Paulsplatz 5, 60311 Frankfurt am Main. Affected residents are also informed by means of flyers. They are asked to inform their neighbours as well. In addition, current radio warnings are issued. 

It is not yet possible to provide concrete information on the duration of the measures. The end of the blockages will be announced by radio announcements as well as via the social media channels and the well-known websites of the Frankfurt fire brigade and the Frankfurt police.

It can be reached at the following times:

Thursday, 11.04.19 to 20:00 h Friday, 12.04.19, 08:00 h to 18:00 h Saturday, 13. day04.19, 08:00 to 18:00 Sunday, 14.04.19, 06:00 to the end of the emergency measures

Persons in need of help or bedridden people living in the area of the red zone are asked to contact the Bürgertelefon if they need help with the evacuation. 

Further information is also available on the websites of the fire brigade and police:

UPDATE: Free admission to DFF for evacuees on Sunday, 14. April

Exhibitions and filmcafé open already at 8 o'clock

In immediate vicinity to the evacuation zone opens the DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Film Museum this morning  already at 8 o'clock its doors to offer evacuees a place where they can stay:

The filmcafé offers hot drinks and snacks for breakfast in the museum foyer - or in the foyer of the 3rd floor - from 8 a.m. onwards. OGs, where visitors can let themselves be taken on a big screen into the past 70 years of German film history. The permanent exhibition can also be explored from 8 a.m. on your own or, as every Sunday, at 3 p.m. in a public guided tour. Families can watch the film version of the classic children's book MOMO (BRD/IT 1986, R: Johannes Schaaf) at the cinema at 3 pm.

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