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Child blessing in exotarium

24.01.2017 | 21:17 Clock | City whispering
Child blessing in exotarium

(kus) The exotarium opens its doors again for an evening tour on Friday, January 27. At 17.45 o'clock interested ones can attend the tropical thunderstorm with the crocodiles, starting from 18 o'clock then the guidance begins child blessing - reproduction strategies of our Exotariumsbewohner with the curator Johannes charcoal burner.

The reproduction strategies of reptiles, amphibians, insects, and spiders are various and from kind to kind different. Curator Johannes Köhler explains the different strategies of the partner search up to the brood care and Aufzucht of the boys, and how one can become fair the various requirements of the animals in the zoo.

The cashes are open to 18 o'clock. From 3 p.m. on, the evening rate applies: eight euros for adults and four euros for children/young people (6 to 17 years). Participation in the guided tour is included in the admission fee. Meeting point is the ground floor of the exotarium.

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