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Declaration by Lord Mayor Feldmann

28.03.2020 | 12:41 Clock | City whispering
Declaration by Lord Mayor Feldmann

A statement on the occasion of the meeting of the city parliament of Thursday, March 26th

(ffm) Dear Frankfurters,

nothing seems to be normal anymore. Last Friday, the magistrate met in the otherwise much too large plenary hall. Today, Thursday, the parliament passed a large billion-euro budget with a minimal number of members. </What is true in parliament is true in the whole city: We seem to have lost normality. That is precisely why I would like to thank all Frankfurters. Thank you for behaving so prudently, in solidarity and rationally. </Our goal is clear: we will do everything we can to ensure that our hospitals meet the challenge. When we see pictures from Milan, Strasbourg or Madrid, it triggers fear. That is understandable. But against the worries of the many, the effort of all helps. And: solidarity across borders. </Our thanks go to everyone who is there for us now - every day:</in caring and healing professions- in our supermarkets</p>

- in logistics

- those who ensure safety and order

- those who take care of our smallest ones

- all, really all, who take care of elderly and sick people. </They are our everyday heroes. Our Frankfurt city police also reports positive results of their checks. Since March 18th they have been conducting checks around the clock. While there were several violations at the beginning, this number has dropped very significantly. </p>

Frankfurt has recognized the seriousness of the situation!


However, I agree with the current demand: We need a catalogue of fines to deter the few unreasonable ones. </You can count on it: Your administration is working. Just as the city's magistrate and parliament work. The city's administrative staff makes important and quick decisions. </In this context, my special thanks go to our head of the health department Stefan Majer. With prudence, commitment and common sense, he has already achieved a great deal to ensure that our Frankfurt will come through this crisis well. Like the Frankfurt health authorities in general, they are doing great things these days. In the crisis, we all realise together that government action is characterised by professionalism. </At the same time, I am aware that this situation presents our economy and many employees with challenges, some of which are existential in nature. Markus Frank, the head of the economics department, works closely with me in the economics crisis team. All forces are bundled there with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the trade unions, the Chamber of Crafts, the employer representatives and the employment agency. Of course, the aim is to ensure that federal and state aid arrives quickly, unbureaucratically and efficiently. Where they are urgently needed! </p>

It will also be about that: How can we as a city help our businesses, the cultural workers, the small self-employed, the small businessmen in such a way that bankruptcies do not occur? </Our Frankfurt is strong. Our Frankfurt is full of commitment, creativity and charity. </You're </p>


Peter Feldmann, Lord Mayor

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