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Dress up MACHEN LEUTE - The Lord of Sausages

01.04.2019 | 17:00 Clock | People
Dress up MACHEN LEUTE - The Lord of Sausages
Dress up MACHEN LEUTE - The Lord of Sausages

Who thinks of sausages in Frankfurt automatically thinks of the traditional Gref-Völsing company. The butcher's shop is one of Frankfurt's family businesses with a long tradition that has achieved absolute cult status not only with locals but also with tourists from near and far. As early as 1894 Karl Gref and Wilhelmine Völsing founded the Gref-Völsing butcher's shop under their two names in Haus „zum goldenen Kalb“ in Schnurgasse in what was then the old town. 125 years later, Franziska Scarpello and her husband Mauro are already in the fifth generation. Every day, 6500 of the coveted beef sausages, which have become indispensable in Frankfurt, are produced. That's about 800 kilos of meat. 21 employees support the Scarpello couple in sales, production, at the snack bar or in the office, which has been located on Hanauer Landstraße since 1913. 

The trained master butcher Mauro has been with the company since 2012. His alarm clock rings at 4.45 a.m. and then his long working day begins with the preparatory work. It is minced, cut, stuffed into casings and then smoked. When the shop opens at 7 a.m., the hungry guests can be sated with fresh “Frankfurter“, meat or beef sausage, but also with all the other products of a good butchery. The fact that the Frankfurt sausages from Gref-Völsing are also known and coveted beyond the borders of the Rhine-Main region shows that even the Frankfurt Economic Development Agency offers its delicious products to domestic and foreign guests at trade fairs in Cannes or Munich. 

For the campaign “Clothes Make People“, Mauro Scarpello slipped from his normal work clothes into a summery linen suit with a brown check pattern and a white polo shirt by tailor Stephan Görner. The campaign “Clothes make the man“ has established itself in the Main metropolis and is already being implemented in its fifth year. Since 2015, people with extraordinary professions have been photographed annually in tailor-made suits by Daniel Baldus. Recognition, appreciation and respect towards these women and men are the messages that the initiators Stephan Görner and Sven Müller want to achieve with it. 

On Saturday, the 2nd day of the conference. On November 11, 2019, at the Hotel Kempinski Gravenbruch, these people with their new, chic costumes or suits will be presented to the 300 ball guests at the Charity Gala “ Clothes Make People“. The event serves the Leberecht Foundation. Over 120,000 euros have already been donated to needy children and their families. A varied programme awaits the ball guests. Tickets cost 250 Euro. Included is a 3-course candlelight dinner, all drinks of the evening and the show program. The gala will be moderated by Evren Gezer. 

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