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Drone show as highlight of the old town festival

14.09.2018 | 14:53 Clock | City whispering
Drone show as highlight of the old town festival

How we link you HIER already reported, the big Altstadtfest in Frankfurt for the completion of the DomRömer area will be celebrated from 28th to 30th September. After most of the programme items had already been presented two weeks ago, Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann, Thomas Feda, Managing Director of Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main (TCF) and organiser of the festivities, and Stefan Weil, Managing Director of the Frankfurt creative studio Atelier Markgraph, presented a very special highlight of the festivities in detail:

On Saturday, September 29, 110 LED quadrocopters will be the first droneshow to draw poetic star images on the Frankfurt night sky at 21.45 hrs. In the multimedia drone choreography entitled „Sternenbilder - eine Symphonie für die Frankfurter Altstadt“ (Star Images - A Symphony for Frankfurt's Old Town), light play, specially composed music and language passages merge directly above the Main to create a very special homage to Frankfurt.

The spectacle will take place between the Iron Bridge and the Lower Main Bridge. Lord Mayor Feldmann is full of anticipation: „Frankfurt carries the constant dialogue between the past and the future within it. This also manifests itself in the architecture of the city - only here do skyscrapers tower up behind half-timbered facades. The most recent example of this is the reconstruction of the old town, which we want to inaugurate with a historically important and technically forward-looking production.“

Thomas Feda adds: „The banks of the Main, the adjoining Römerberg and the cathedral are regarded as central places of Frankfurt life - then as now. Here kings were elected, food was traded and festivals were held. The opening of the new quarter should bring more life back to the centre of the city. We want to celebrate this spectacularly.“

City of diversity and contrasts: A tribute to Frankfurt

„star images“ will not only be a narrative theme for outstanding personalities and figures of the city, but also for formative events and landmarks.

Stefan Weil gives insight into the creative process: „Frankfurt is a place of diversity and contrasts. Here, dialogue has been lived and celebrated with sovereignty for centuries. Traces of this contrasting city identity can also be found everywhere in the new old town. We use the latest generation of technology for an iconographic performance that pays tribute to Frankfurt's cosmopolitan attitude in poetic images. The Main, the lifeline of the city, is the perfect stage for this. “

The flight formations of the drones in front of the nocturnal Mainkulisse accompany sculptural light effects of differently colored Sky Beams. The soundtrack of the production takes up the idea of dialogue musically: Sebastian Hohberg and Jan Mayerhofer from hoerfeld created a fusion of classical music and electronics especially for this occasion. Parts of the composition reinterpret the formative Baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann. Telemann also lived temporarily in Frankfurt's old town. The embedded quotations come from the pen of probably the most famous former inhabitant of the Old Town, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - at the time a fervent advocate of diversity.

Planning complexity and a pinch of luck

A show of this kind has never before been staged in Frankfurt and is also part of the context of innovative airspace shows worldwide. The conceptually and organizationally demanding project was realized by an international team. The design concept for the “star pictures“ comes from the Frankfurt creative studio Atelier Markgraph, which implements the production in collaboration with the lighting designers from bright! and the drone experts from SKYMAGIC.

The choreography of the drones posed a particular challenge: Because the star images resulting from their flight position should be recognizable from as many different perspectives as possible.

The weather cannot be planned. If it storms or rains, the drones must stay on the ground. But there is also a solution for the worst-case scenario: an alternative date will be announced at short notice.

The production “Sternenbilder - Eine Symphonie für die Frankfurter Altstadt“ is supported by Mainova AG, Lufthansa AG and Verkehrsbetriebe Frankfurt am Main (VGF).

The drone show starts on Saturday, September 29, at 21:45. The public dress rehearsal will begin on Friday, 28 September, also at 21.45 hrs.

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