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Ecumenical Church Congress will take place 2021 in Frankfurt

02.07.2020 | 16:59 Clock | City whispering
Ecumenical Church Congress will take place 2021 in Frankfurt

No one can say what it will look like in a few months in Frankfurt, in Germany and in the rest of the world. Will we be able to go to concerts again, party in clubs and watch sports events live? Or will there still be massive restrictions next year? All this is unclear - what is clear, however, is that the 3rd Ecumenical Church Congress in Frankfurt am Main will definitely take place. Even if it will not be able to take place on the large scale planned. There are many good reasons for the representatives of the Ecumenical Kirchentag and the city to hold the Kirchentag despite possible restrictions and special challenges.

"The city of Frankfurt am Main stands by its word and will actively support the planned Kirchentag as agreed," emphasises Mayor and Church Department Director Uwe Becker. "Especially in difficult times, it is important that we are united and show solidarity. The Corona crisis makes it clear that only together with mutual respect and support do we have a chance to overcome the crisis.

How exactly the Kirchentag can take place under the changed conditions will be worked out first. A series of different events are planned, which can be held together with a distance, as well as a series of digital offerings. The Kirchentag will be visible in the city as well as in Germany and worldwide. The message "Look on" will be at the centre of the celebration of faith. With questions of faith as well as current burning issues such as racism, climate change, social justice and the future of democracy, different formats will offer the opportunity to look and discuss them together.

Becker affirms: "Frankfurt stands for a diverse and peaceful coexistence and has always been a place of discourse about the future of society in our country. The Ecumenical Kirchentag is an outstanding event that brings people together and inspires them. Our international and cosmopolitan city offers a suitable framework for dialogue between the Christian denominations as well as between the religions and for networking with the urban society. In a time of looking away, looking at social developments and discussing necessary changes in our actions are of particular importance. </It is possible that due to the Corona crisis, the Ecumenical Church Congress will have to plan many events flexibly and adapt them to the current situation. The responsibility for all participants as well as the population will always have top priority and the different concepts will be adapted accordingly in coordination with the public health department.</p>

The 3rd Ecumenical Church Congress will take place in Frankfurt from 12 to 16 May 2021. Organizers are the German Protestant Kirchentag (DEKT) and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK). After 2003 in Berlin and 2010 in Munich, the Ecumenical Church Congress 2021 will take place for the third time.

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