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Effects of the coronavirus in Frankfurt - health protection takes precedence

18.03.2020 | 08:12 Clock | Service
Effects of the coronavirus in Frankfurt - health protection takes precedence

Today, Wednesday, further measures will come into force to help contain the rapid spread of the coronavirus. As a result, life in Frankfurt is also largely paralysed. Because - and this cannot be said often enough - the best protection is to avoid contact as much as possible. Even if it is difficult, even if it means privations: Health protection simply comes first! After all, it is not only about one's own health, but also about the health of people who may belong to the risk group.

Therefore, Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann appeals to the citizens of the city to follow the official recommendations in order to limit and delay the spread of the virus. "How we manage this crisis is largely in our own hands. I therefore urge you to heed the advice given by officials, authorities and doctors, to help each other and to support the public institutions in their work," says Feldmann. </Even if the weather is very nice at the moment and invites you to meet with friends outside, you should not do so. Because according to current estimates, the own flat is the safest place. "Please stay at home, as far as possible", emphasized the Lord Mayor. And: "Please observe the rules of personal hygiene and wash your hands often and thoroughly." </The municipal offices are now only open for urgent cases. "Not everything needs to be done right now. Therefore, please check whether the matter cannot be postponed. The personal visit should be limited to absolute exceptions and requires an appointment to be made", says Jan Schneider, head of the department for citizen services. Detailed information can be found at <a href="htttp://" target="_blank" rel="noopener">htttp:// "In this way, both the requirements of infection protection and the urgent concerns of citizens are taken into account", emphasises Schneider. At the same time he asks for understanding that processing times can be longer.

If it is unavoidable to go outside the door, it is advisable to avoid large accumulations and to keep a distance. This may mean keeping your distance from other passengers on public transport. Since this is not necessarily possible, especially during rush hours, it is definitely better to cycle or walk. This is better for your health in many respects, as the head of the health department, Stefan Majer, confirms: "These forms of locomotion strengthen the body's defences and create inner balance". But once again: Even outdoors it is urgently necessary to keep your distance. "What we don't want to see are grapes from joggers moving tightly packed through our parks," says Majer. The same applies when you eat in a restaurant. "Also in these cases, make sure you keep sufficient distance from the other visitors," says the health department head. It also helps to prevent everyone from standing as far apart as possible in queues such as at supermarket checkouts. "Keeping distance is not a sign of rudeness in these times, but serves to protect society. And especially in difficult situations the following applies: A smile is not contagious". </Especially now, solidarity is more important than ever," emphasizes Peter Feldmann. House communities should support each other. "Ask parents who have to look after their children at home or older neighbours if you can help with these errands," the city leader appeals to the citizens. In doing so, he also addresses any business closures. "The supply of food and goods for daily needs remains assured. Act in solidarity and buy only what is needed in the coming days. Whoever takes something from others acts in a spirit of solidarity", underlines the city leader.</p>

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