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Frankfurt flea market is taking place again

02.07.2020 | 13:53 Clock | Shopping
Frankfurt flea market is taking place again

You may once again browse to your heart's content and search for treasures: After the forced break of several months, the Frankfurt flea market will start again on Saturday, July 4th! Initially, however, only on a test basis every 14 days in Lindleystraße. Due to the requirements of the Corona Contact and Operating Restrictions Ordinance, it is currently not yet possible to conduct the flea market on Mainkai in accordance with the law.

Naturally, the market on Osthafen will not yet be able to take place as usual. Dealers and visitors must first register in compliance with data protection regulations before they can enter the flea market area.

Anyone wishing to book a stand must note that until further notice this is only possible for the following event date via the flea market office. As there is a maximum of 250 people on the market area, the entrance and exit will be monitored. Therefore you should plan waiting times at the entrance into your visit. On the whole area of the flea market it is also compulsory to wear a mouth and nose protector. Admission to the closed-off event area is on Lindleystraße at the level of Hugo-Stinnes-Straße, exit is at the level of Osthafenplatz. Notices will indicate the prescribed spacing and hygiene measures, and the security personnel will monitor compliance to ensure safe market operations. We reserve the right to make any changes at any time.

Yes, also the flea market will not be as we know it in the near future. But if we all pay attention to the rules of distance and hygiene and stay calm even if we have to wait for a longer time, nothing will stand in the way of a nice flea market visit.

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