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Frankfurt heads for relaxation level 2

04.06.2021 | 10:14 Clock | Citywhispers
Frankfurt heads for relaxation level 2

Germany is currently in a difficult phase of the pandemic: on the one hand, the infection figures are dropping significantly and the vaccination rate is rising. On the other hand, we are still not in the green zone. While some people cannot go fast enough with openings and relaxations, others observe the absolutely understandable, too often however also careless behavior of their fellow men with large concern. But one thing unites us all: we want to finally get out of the pandemic and largely back to normality.

To ensure that the way there is not slowed down by a renewed flare-up of infection figures, the federal and state governments want to prevent that as far as possible. At the same time, however, people should be allowed to relax in as many aspects as possible. This also applies to Frankfurt, which has been out of the federal emergency brake since Whit Monday. If the seven-day incidence remains below the threshold of 100 by Sunday, June 6 - which can be assumed based on the incidence values (incidence according to the RKI today: 39.8), the city will move up to the second stage of the state ordinance starting Monday, June 7 - and some other strict Corona rules will be relaxed.

This is what's changing in Frankfort:

- Private meetings with up to ten people are allowed - plus vaccinated/genetics and children under 14, who don't count here.

- Schooling for all classes in attendance, mandatory testing remains.

- Sports: team sports possible under conditions. Swimming pools are allowed to open - in Frankfurt it should start from Monday.

- For services close to the body the test obligation is omitted, but a test is recommended.

- All retail stores may open - with limited customers and mask requirement.

- Food service: testing requirement in outdoor food service is eliminated. Indoor areas are also allowed to reopen - but there is a testing requirement here.

- Hotels, cottages, youth hostels, campsites: In establishments with shared facilities, the maximum occupancy rate rises to 75 percent.

On Monday, the city's amended general ordinance also goes into effect, which regulates mandatory masks, among other things. It will initially be in effect until the end of the month and will bring further, measured relaxation.

This is new:

The mask requirement will be restricted from the Alleenring to the Anlagenring and will also apply on the major shopping streets as before (from 8am to 10pm in each case). Specifically:

- in the entire inner Anlagenring

- of Berger Straße

- of Schweizer Straße including Schweizer Platz,

- the Leipziger Straße,

- the Zeil,

- the Goethestraße,

- of the Oeder Weg from the Anlagenring to the Glauburgstraße,

- of the Neue Kräme,

- of Königsteiner Straße limited to the area between Bolongarostraße and Kasinostraße,

- of Braubachstraße,

- the Münchener Straße and

- the Kaiserstraße.

In addition, the mask must be worn everywhere where the minimum distance of 1.50 m can not be maintained. Furthermore, there is a ban on alcohol sales between midnight and 6 a.m., as well as a ban on alcohol consumption in the known public places, locations and facilities.

Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann says about reaching level 2: "The Frankfurt people have worked hard to achieve the relaxations. With a lot of discipline we have achieved that all grades are allowed to go to school again, that a bit of normality has returned to the retail trade - and restaurateurs can now also entertain indoors under certain conditions. Despite all the joy, however, we must not forget: The pandemic is still there. That's why masks are still compulsory wherever there are large numbers of people and crowds. I am convinced that the majority of the people of Frankfurt understand this."

Health department head Stefan Majer stresses: "We are on the right track, but we must not relax too much too quickly now, lest we provoke new setbacks. But perseverance is now paying off. We are seeing a relaxation in the hospitals, also because more and more people are vaccinated. The opening steps are doing us all a lot of good and we should enjoy it - but please be sensible about it. It remains important that we continue to wear mask where necessary or mandated and consistently follow up on contact tracing by the health department. The virus isn't just going to go away, we all need to stay on it."

"It's good that we can live our social togetherness a little more thanks to declining numbers. Nevertheless, the masks in the inner city show us that caution, consideration and respect are still important. Only a sensible handling of the now upcoming relaxations can secure these. It is therefore important that common sense must continue to take precedence over recklessness," says Mayor and City Treasurer Uwe Becker.

Commissioner for Economic Affairs and Sports Markus Frank adds: "For the sense of life of our small and large citizens and for the economic strength of Frankfurt am Main, reaching the second stage is a significant step. We have all been looking forward to the restart for weeks and especially to the openings in sports. We will start our outdoor pool season on time on Monday, I'm sure we haven't anticipated this date so eagerly in a long time."

We're excited too! Anyway, keep taking care of yourselves and your fellow humans and stay healthy!

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