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Frankfurter helfen Frankfurtern - Nachbarschaftshilfe in Zeiten des Coronavirus

17.03.2020 | 06:58 Clock | Service
Frankfurter helfen Frankfurtern - Nachbarschaftshilfe in Zeiten des Coronavirus

If you are currently walking through the supermarkets, you have to shake your head in disbelief when you see empty shelves, especially when it comes to toilet paper. And the almost hourly new bad news can make you desperate. But in these turbulent and difficult times there is also good news. Signals that are positive and encourage. This certainly includes numerous initiatives that have been set up on the Internet and social media platforms to support people who are in need of help. The

for example, the #Nachbarschaftschallenge has spread through the net in no time at all. The idea is to use notices to offer its neighbours, if they belong to the risk group, help with their purchases. Neighbours can also be offered to walk dogs, access the Internet or go to the pharmacy. In the meantime the Neighbourhood Challenge has found many participants and imitators. It shows that many people stand together in need. Even if one should not reach out one's hand, one can still open the heart to one's fellow men. Sometimes no great help is needed, but only a nice greeting or a little chat (with the necessary distance) to make the forced isolation more bearable. </The initiative <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Corona Solidarity Frankfurt gathers in numerous chat groups, in which the participants can help in a targeted way in their district. And for those who do not want to join a telegram group, flyers are offered here for printing. In addition, there are various Facebook groups in Frankfurt and the surrounding area that are dedicated to the topic of neighbourhood help in general, although at the moment, of course, the focus is entirely on shopping assistance for older neighbours. Some groups you can join if you want to help are

Nachbarschaftshilfe Frankfurt und Rhein Main - about 20.000 members -

Frankfurter Nachbarschaftshilfe - approx. 10,000 members -

Nachbarschaftshilfe Offenbach und Kreis - approx. 1,100 members -

Nachbarschaftshilfe Frankfurt West -

Neu Isenburger Nachbarschaftshilfe -

We help ourselves - in Bad Homburg and surroundings -

The Jusos Offenbach have also committed themselves to neighbourhood help:

You can also offer your help via this Germany-wide portal:

Tips and templates for download can be found below.a. at the biggest neighbourhood network next

You can find more shopping helpers at: citizens/age-appropriate living/shopping service/

Of course, food can also be delivered. Delivery service offer among other things: (Only within Frankfurt)

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