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Further Corona Rules for Hesse presented

19.10.2020 | 18:45 Clock | Service
Further Corona Rules for Hesse presented

In view of further increasing infection rates, the Hessian Corona Cabinet has today updated the existing and very well functioning escalation concept and supplemented it with further measures. "Today we have consistently implemented the resolutions of the Conference of Minister Presidents (MPK) with the Chancellor. Because the more uniform the regulations are, the clearer and more comprehensible they are," said Minister President Volker Bouffier and Minister of Culture Prof. Dr. R. Alexander Lorz after the meeting of the Corona Cabinet in Wiesbaden. "In Hesse, our escalation concept is a central building block for containing the corona pandemic. With it, we provide clear guidelines as to which concrete measures are to be taken on site in the event of an infection. This has already proved to be an excellent tool and we have now extended it in accordance with the agreements with the federal government", explained Bouffier.

"With our traffic light system, we have established an emergency mechanism with which we have been able to react very well to local outbreaks so far. We have now revised this system and included measures such as an extension of the obligation to wear masks, further restrictions on spectators at events and closing hours in the catering trade. Unfortunately, there is no way around this at the moment", says the Minister President.

This is new in the Hessian traffic light system (the numbers always give the value of new infections per 100.000 inhabitants within 7 days):

green (incidence <20)

No changes.

Yellow (incidence >20)

Public events: Permissions for public events are always subject to a reservation of revocation in case of increasing infection rates.

controls: Public order offices must increasingly monitor compliance with the measures.

Health authorities: A staffing level of five employees per 20th employee must be maintained.000 inhabitants must be ensured for contact tracing.

Orange (incidence >35)

Public events: No more than 150 participants. Exceptions must be approved by the public health department using a hygiene concept. Exceptions must be approved by the public health department using a hygiene concept. Any permits already issued in excess of this must be reviewed and revoked if necessary.

Mask obligation: The obligation to wear the mouth and nose protection is extended to the areas of amusement parks, everywhere outside your own seat at public events, in restaurants, in churches and similar places. Patients must wear a mouth-nose cover during transportation.

Private parties in rented or public spaces: maximum number of participants of 25 persons (or two households).

Parties in private rooms: maximum number of participants of 15 persons (or two households) strongly recommended.

closing time: For gastronomic establishments and places of entertainment, the cities and municipalities are recommended to close from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

controls: Further strengthening of the control activities of the public order offices with regard to compliance with the Corona measures.

Red (incidence >50)

To the strict restrictions in everyday life as well as the close coordination with the country are now added:

Obligation to wear a mask: At public events, in public institutions, at funeral ceremonies, in churches and comparable premises, a mouth and nose cover must also be worn at one's own seat. For particularly busy streets and squares the wearing of a mouth-nose cover is at least recommended. In outpatient care services and workshops for people with disabilities, masks are mandatory.

Private parties in rented or public rooms: maximum number of participants of 10 persons (or 2 households).

Celebrations in private rooms: maximum number of participants of 10 persons (or two households) strongly recommended.

Closing time and prohibition of alcohol consumption in public: For gastronomic facilities and places of entertainment, a closing time of 23:00 to 6:00 is to be determined. Consumption in public places and the distribution of alcohol for immediate consumption is prohibited between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m..

Public events: Usually no more than 100 participants. Permits already granted in excess of this number must be checked and revoked if necessary. Exceptions require a hygiene concept coordinated with the responsible public health department.

public order offices: Focussing the activities of the public order offices with regard to the observance of the measures.

dark red (incidence >75 or over 50 with further continuous increase over ten days)

contact restrictions: A maximum of five people or members of two households may meet in public space.

Public events: Permits already granted or still to be granted for public events are to be checked against a strict standard and revoked if necessary.

The measures described in the escalation concept are binding for the districts and independent cities. They must be implemented accordingly by the responsible local health and regulatory authorities.

Further resolutions of the Corona Cabinet:

Ban on accommodation

The ban on accommodation in Hesse has been lifted. Thus, Hesse joins the vast majority of the other federal states. The abolition is also intended to preserve the testing capacities urgently needed for medical purposes.


"The state government is supporting the school authorities with 10 million euros to purchase air purification and similar equipment. These are to be purchased in particular for classrooms where it is not possible to ventilate sufficiently because, for example, windows cannot be opened," explained Hesse's Minister of Education Lorz after the meeting of the Corona cabinet. Keeping the educational institutions open is a "central priority of our actions."

quarantine regulation

The model quarantine regulation agreed between the federal and state governments will be implemented with further exceptions for e.g. business travellers and for medically necessary trips. In these points, the regulation of the state does not change.

The most important change: Up to now, it has been possible in Hesse, after entry from a risk area, to use a corona test, for example at Frankfurt Airport, to end the quarantine obligation, which is valid throughout Germany, on the day of entry. This possibility no longer applies. A "free test" with a negative corona test is only possible from the fifth day. Until then, travellers from risk areas must enter quarantine.

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