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Goodbye, Bäppi La Belle - A cult figure is retiring

15.07.2020 | 21:44 Clock | Culture
Goodbye, Bäppi La Belle - A cult figure is retiring

After almost 28 years, this is the end: Bäppi la Belle, the grande dame of the Frankfurt comedy and cabaret scene, is stepping down. Two years after his 25th stage anniversary and about one year after leaving the Theatrallalla Theater in Nordend, Thomas Bäppler-Wolf has decided to say goodbye to his stage alter ego. It all started in 1993: When Thomas Bäppler-Wolf was looking for a stage name for his own travesty show, he drove past the Festhalle with an acquaintance, where a concert by soul singer Patti La Belle was announced. The perfect inspiration for the young dance teacher, who was only called Bäppi by his friends: Bäppi la Belle was born.

Numerous shows followed in which the popular entertainer appeared on stage not only as Bäppi la Belle but also as Angie, Sissy, Marlene, Liza, Zarah and in other roles. But now the all-round artist has realized that the time has come to leave high heels and feather boa in the closet and send Bäppi la Belle into well-deserved retirement. "To put it this way: I'm simply too old for Lady Gaga," Bäppi explains his decision with a wink and adds: "I always say: it's bad when the trannies who copy Cher look older than Cher. And he doesn't want to let it come to that. Events of the last months, especially his stomach reduction, through which he has lost a proud 51 kg, have changed him, says Bäppler-Wolf. Therefore, Bäppi la Belle will from now on spend her retirement in Antibes at the C&ocirc;te d'Azur and will always look back with joy on the last 28 years. With good Gin Tonics on the yacht in front of St. Tropez she is having a good time. The good news: Bäppi stays! We will continue to see him on stage. In addition, his cult figure Lisbeth will continue to do the guided tours and present her Thermomix show at the Historical Museum. And cider landlord Lia will also continue to appear at selected events. Yes, it is a major turning point in the Frankfurt entertainer's artistic career and a farewell that will certainly be hard for many of his fans. But Bäppi wouldn't be Bäppi if he didn't have a few more surprises for his audience in the years to come - from city tours and shows to a new Bond parody! We are curious!</Whoever wants to see Bäppi live again will have the opportunity to do so on the following dates (subject to Corona-related changes): </strong>

>Bäppi's living room concerts

Every 19th day.30 o'clock / admission 18.30 o'clock

35.- incl. small buffet and drinks.

5.- from each card go to the AIDS Hilfe.

order at

10.8. "Bäppi sings, Gabriel Swings" with Gabriel Groh at the piano

11.8th "Bäppi can read" an entertaining, literary evening with Susanne Reichert and Tim Frühling

128th "The highlights of Corona and Facebook Idiots" with Bäppi and Malte Anders

13.8. "Classic Salon" with Gabriele Worsischek (violin) and Levon Frick (cello)

14.8. "Schlagerparade" with Bäppi and aunt Gladice

15.8. "Wohnzimmer Bock" with Lia

16.8. "The Highlights of Corona and Facebook Idiots" With Bäppi and Malte Anders

>>>strong>Game of Bäppi

Wirtshaus am Hühnermarkt

Each 19th century30 / admission 18.00 o'clock / market 16-18 / 60311 Frankfurt

tickets at 28.80 under

2020: 5.10. / 2.11. / 7.1. / 28.12.

2021: 29.3. / 26.4. / 24.5. / 28.6. / 12.7.</Yes, yes, the Äppelwoi</strong>


19.30 / inlet 18.00 o'clock / To the bike / Leonhardsgasse2 / 60389 Frankfurt

Tickets at 35.40 under

2020: 29.8. / 26.9. / 21.11. / 19.12. /

2021:13.3. / 10.7.

x>N>x>P>Strong>Lisbet Windsor Thermomix cooking show P>x>N>x>N>x>P>P>Each 20.00/intake 19.15 o'clock /Dance Centre Bäppler-Wolf / Frankfurter Str. 69-71/61118 Bad Vilbel

Tickets at 35.40 under

2020:5.9. / 5.12. /

2021: 20.2. / 22.5.</White words: "Ampersand", "Äppelwoi", "Strong".</Bäppi and Luis Berger, 19th century each.30 / Admission 18.00 o'clock / Zum Rad / Leonhardsgasse2 / 60389 Frankfurt</p>

Tickets at 35.40 under


Hessisch fer Aaänger

20.00 o'clock / Admission 19.15 / Obsthof Appel Happel / Marienborner Weg 33 / 55127 Mainz-Marienborn

Tickets at 23.20 under

2.10.</"The Singing Christmas Three", "Ampersand", "Acutee", "Sweeter the fairies never sound"./x>

Bäppi, Trude Trash and Tarabas van Luk with Gabriel Groh on piano

A not quite serious Christmas show with glitter, climax, coffee and cake.

Let yourself be enchanted by the cheekiest tongues in town. And that at Christmas.

Every day at 16.00 / entrance 15.00 / tickets at 28.80 under

29.11. Saalbau Nidda / Harheimer Weg 18-22 / 60437 Frankfurt

20.12. Saalbau Depot Oberrad / Offenbacher Landstraße 357 / 60599 Frankfurt

Bäppi and Udo

The best of Udo Jürgens - a homage

16.00 o'clock / Admission 15.15 / Crowne Plaza /Congress Hotel/ Lyoner Straße 44-48 / 60528 Frankfurt

Tickets at 35.40 under

26.12.</No words are needed here. P>x>N>x>P>Sinatra meets Bond>x>N>x>N>x>P>P>No words needed here. P>x>N>x>P>20.00 hrs/admission 19.15 / Crowne Plaza /Congress Hotel/ Lyoner Straße 44-48 / 60528 Frankfurt

Tickets at 35.40 under


/p>/x>N>/x> p>/strong> em>2021/em>/strong> p>/x>N>/x>

Gayvengers goes Helau - Da twitch the fag>/strong>

Jeweis 20.00 o'clock / intake 19.15

15.2. / 16.2. Titus Forum / Walter-Möller-Platz 2 / 60439 Frankfurt am Main

Tickets at 35.30 under

Hurray we are still alive - "Corona? Druff geschisse" The best of Bäppi on Balcony

The 8 cult concerts on the balcony in the Glauburgstraße will revive this evening.

21.2. Saalbau Depot Oberrad // Offenbacher Landstraße 357 / 60599 Frankfurt

18.00 hrs / admission 17.15 hrs

27.2nd Saalbau Volkshaus Enkheim / Borsigallee 40 / 60388 Frankfurt am Main

20.00 hrs / Admission 19.15 hrs

Tickets at 28.80 under

More information you can also find at

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