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Head of Environment Heilig invites you again to an excursion at Monte Scherbelino

06.08.2019 | 13:08 Clock | City whispering
Head of Environment Heilig invites you again to an excursion at Monte Scherbelino

(ffm) Take a look behind the fence of Monte Scherbelino? As last year, this opportunity will be offered to citizens on Sunday 11 August. In the context of a public, barrier-free excursion, Rosemarie Heilig, head of the environmental department, together with the environmental office, informs about the project “Cities dare wilderness - experience diversity“ and the restoration of the mountain in recent years. 

„At the foot of the former garbage mountain in the city forest, Frankfurt has created a space for the free development of nature. We are here in an exciting laboratory of biodiversity. We want to see which plants grow by themselves and which animals conquer this habitat“, says Heilig. Monte Scherbelino, for example, is home to the red-backed shrike and the saw horn bees. Blood loosestrife, melilot and wild parsnips have also found an ecological niche there. 

Employees of the landfill aftercare department inform about the history of the landfill and the remediation. The 50 metre high landfill consists of 18 million cubic metres of waste deposited between 1925 and 1968. The remediation work has been in progress since 1992 and landfill aftercare will be necessary for several decades to come in order to permanently secure the Monte Scherbelino contaminated site. 

The access to the area at Monte Scherbelino in the coming years will only be possible under expert and local guidance. Because of technical facilities such as gas wells, sensitive measuring equipment and others, individual areas remain permanently closed for safety reasons.

As they are fenced in, the site offers retreat areas for rare animals such as the Green Beach Grasshopper or the Spotted Speedstar. But there is exclusive admission for interested school classes: Now, after the summer holidays, exciting outdoor lessons can be booked on site again. The biological diversity and the special value of areas in which humans do not interfere will be researched and experienced. 

The participants in the project are the Environmental Office of the City of Frankfurt, the BioFrankfurt network and the Senckenberg Research Institute. Outside Frankfurt, the cities of Hannover and Dessau-Roßlau and their respective scientific partners are participating in the overall project. The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) is funding the wilderness project under the Federal Biological Diversity Programme for the next two years with funds from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety.

Andreas Müller of the Landfill Aftercare Unit and Frieder Leuthold, who is responsible for the Wilderness Project, both from the Environmental Agency, and Andreas Malten from the Senckenberg Research Institute, informed about the measures taken and the results of the efforts. 

The tour at Monte Scherbelino starts on Sunday, August 11, at 3 p.m. at the Grastränke car park on Babenhäuser Landstraße and lasts about 2 hours. All interested citizens are cordially invited to attend. Please bring sturdy shoes. Registration is not required.  

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