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Höchster Schlossfest 2019 - Happy 'Gebordsdaach'!

17.05.2019 | 11:20 Clock | Citywhispers
Höchster Schlossfest 2019 - Happy 'Gebordsdaach'!

(ffm) The Höchster Schlossfest 2019 once again boasts a diverse program and refers to the heritage of the district with the choice of the castle festival partners. "Both the knight Hostato and helping disadvantaged people are part of Höchst's tradition, and both are associated with venerable Höchst associations. This year, these have birthdays and will therefore be celebrated at the Schlossfest as Schlossfest partners: "The Verein für Geschichte und Altertumskunde and the Kolpingfamilie Höchst are the ‚Gebordsdaachskinner', they will be 125 and 150 years old," explained Peter Feldmann, mayor and festival president, when presenting the program. "But I would also like to congratulate two other birthday boys: The Porcelain Museum in Kronberger Haus turns a quarter of a century old and the Höchster Vereinsring turns 65. Fortunately, retirement is far from being thought of here, quite the opposite. Thank you for organizing events like the Schlossfest and the Christmas market!"

Jürgen Vormann, CEO of Infraserv Höchst and patron of the Schlossfest, echoed the thanks, adding, "Among the 70 or so associations, the Verein für Geschichte und Altertumskunde (Association for History and Antiquities) and the Kolpingfamilie (Kolping Family) in particular demonstrate for me particularly well the breadth of civic involvement in Höchst. Both - the work for social cohesion and the commitment to understanding our history in all its facets - are essential for a good coexistence in our society. I look forward to celebrating with these two associations at the 2019 Schlossfest!"

Many actions before the official opening

The Schlossfest will officially open on Saturday, July 6. But even before that, exciting events are already planned, to which Claus Cromm, chairman of the Höchster Vereinsring, particularly pointed out: "On July 5, we celebrate the first Höchster Hafenfest with a picnic, golf harbor championship and lots of music - with this, we open the newly renovated harbor area. I'm particularly looking forward to that." In addition to guided tours of the Porcelain Museum and concerts by the Höchster Orgelsommer, there will be readings of Höchster texts, theatre and the annual ship regatta. For the second time, the Höchster "Cleaning Day" will take place on Saturday, June 29 - citizens and clubs clean up for the Schlossfest. On Sunday, June 30, the Höchst Volunteer Fire Department will again host an open house.

Castle Festival Opening and Old Town Festival on the First Weekend in July

The first weekend in July will see both the ceremonial opening of the Castle Festival and the Old Town Festival of the associations. The opening party will take place on Saturday, July 6, starting at 6:30 p.m. on the Schlossplatz. Immediately afterwards, the German Rose will be crowned. New in the castle festival program and for Christoph Brum, the deputy chairman of the association ring, already a highlight: "Happy Trällering" - singing in the pack from 22 o'clock. The chords are given and everyone sings along! Who would rather swing the dance leg, joins in on the Justinusplatz with "Dancing for everyone".

The Kronberger Knights are again the whole weekend with their traditional knight camp in the moat to find. Among other things, there are blacksmiths and a bow maker to see. On Saturday, the Verein für Geschichte und Altertumskunde will be selling historical writings. A historical coin and printing workshop are offered by the Abel grinding shop and höchst*schön.

On the banks of the Main, the art market is set up again, and on Sunday, July 7, the Höchst classic car meeting will take place there for the fourth time. There will also be a fashion show and a performance by the Frankfurt Universe Cheerleaders. Music lovers will get their money's worth at several concerts on the Schlossplatz.

"Just White Dinner" and lots of music

The Schlossfest also has a lot to offer during the week: The "4th Höchster Just White Dinner" on Königsteiner Straße on Wednesday, July 10, kicks things off. On Thursday, July 11, and Saturday, July 13, the Höchster Porzellanmanufaktur will open its warehouse and sell special items.

The closing weekend begins on Friday, July 12, with rock music on the big stage in Brüningpark. The theme, "50 Years of Woodstock." Also on Saturday, July 13, there will be finest rock in Brüningpark.

On Sunday, July 14, the "Geburtstagswiesn" in Brüningpark will be celebrated with the birthday boys, the Kolpingfamilie Höchst and the Verein für Geschichte und Altertumskunde, in the traditional way with traditional costumes, beer and a church service. In addition, historical writings will once again be on sale. And there will be a historic coin and printing workshop to participate in.

The Schlossfest will come to a fitting conclusion with the grand musical fireworks display on Monday, July 15, at 10:30 p.m.

You can find the entire Schlossfest program at http://www.ihr-nachbar.en/schlossfest

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