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HOLIDAY ON ICE celebrates successful premiere of SUPERNOVA in Frankfurt

08.01.2020 | 12:47 Clock | Culture
HOLIDAY ON ICE celebrates successful premiere of SUPERNOVA in Frankfurt

This is a success story: Started in 1943 in Ohio as a small hotel show, it has grown over the past 77 years to become the most successful ice art show of all time. To date, over 100 productions worldwide have thrilled well over 330 million viewers, which has earned HOLIDAY ON ICE a well-deserved entry in the Guinness Book of Records.  over 6,000 professional figure skaters, including 14 Olympic medal winners, stood on the ice for the various shows and slipped into almost 30,000 costumes specially made for the productions. An impressive success, which was celebrated last year with a big anniversary show. This became spectacularly clear at yesterday's Frankfurt premiere of the new programme SUPERNOVA. The figure skaters, among them 14-year-old up-and-coming talent Leonie Schwenzner, caused a great deal of excitement with their performances among the audience in the sold-out Festhalle, which was rewarded at the end with thunderous applause and standing ovations. These performances are embedded in a show that once again convinces with magnificent costumes, a magical stage design and rousing music. 

Robin Cousins, Creative Director of the production, describes SUPERNOVA as "a homage to the icy polar world as well as the universe with all its stars, which we celebrate with intoxicating stage sets, innovative technology and breathtaking choreography. We let it really snow in the show and take our audience to a distant galaxy". And it works for young and old, as the many shining eyes and smiling faces during the show have proven. 

The story is told of a couple of lovers who, in the middle of a winter celebration, are carried out into the infinity of the cosmos by a gigantic snowstorm. This is where a fantastic adventure beyond space and time begins for both of them. It takes lovers to truly overwhelming places in the galaxy and its exotic inhabitants. Finally, a galactic explosion, the eponymous supernova, brings it back to Earth and back to the festival in the snowy ice world. There they celebrate their love in front of a breathtaking backdrop in an unforgettable finale, surrounded by colourful northern lights. A goose-pimple moment par excellence. 

You quickly forget that you are actually sitting in the festival hall when SUPERNOVA takes its visitors into two completely different worlds. A 3D LED wall of individually playable cubes, a movable platform for special acts, rapid speeds throughout the arena, flying elements and skaters are also used. The latest technology, fantastic show values and first-class figure skating combine to create a truly great entertainment show. "SUPERNOVA represents our highest standard of state-of-the-art live entertainment on ice. With this new production, HOLIDAY ON ICE remains true to its mission of reinventing show experiences, breaking down boundaries and challenging itself every year," says producer and CEO Peter O’Keeffe. 

On 11.01.2020, by the way, there will be a little extra in Frankfurt, because then the guest stars Sarah Lombardi and Joti Polizoakis will be performing live on ice in the Festhalle during the show at 20:00 hrs. And who can't get enough of HOLIDAY ON ICE: The advance sale for the new show in Frankfurt for 2021 has already started (05. - 10.01.2020). 

Tickets and further information about the show: www.holidayonice.en

Show times for SUPERNOVA in Frankfurt - Festhalle

08.01.2020 15:00 + 19:00

09.01.2020 15:00 + 19:00

10.01.2020 15:00 + 19:00

11.01.2020 13:00 + 16:30 + 20:00

12.01.2020 13:00 + 16:30

13.01.2020 16:30

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