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Hot preparation phase for the Hochheim Christmas market begins

26.11.2018 | 08:14 Clock | More
Hot preparation phase for the Hochheim Christmas market begins

The first Christmas markets have already celebrated their opening, elsewhere preparations are still in full swing. So for instance in high home, where the popular Weihnachtsmarkt will take place b> from 07. to 09. December . Visitors should not notice anything that is necessary in the background to ensure a smooth process. Werner Mäding, the 1. chairman of the organizing craftsman and trade association Hochheim e.V. knows this too. (HGV). But he is certain that this challenge will also be mastered in 2018: „Now we have to make no mistakes, forget nothing, coordinate all activities exactly with each other. We have a good organisation team who are all fully committed to the cause“, Mäding is delighted and is sure that this year's Christmas Market will also be a worthy conclusion to the Hochheim festival calendar.

„When selecting the stands and positioning them, we attached great importance to harmonising variety, Christmas flair and experience, “ he reports, “that was not always easy and required a lot of discussion.This year, additional courtyards that are open in the old town areas, new unusual stands and the integration of further local initiatives and associations, such as the Antoniushaus and the Förderverein der Heinrich-von-Brentano-Schule (Friends of the Heinrich von Brentano School) will bring variety to the event.

Family-friendly and local is the “Christmas market of the Hochheimer“ to be. In addition to the actual market activity, the town library, Kirchstr. 17, is open, where cookies are baked and Christmas decorations are made. The local history museum in Kirchstr. 13 also offers Christmas craft courses with felt, a historical children's carousel is available and in the Zehntscheuer the results of an art project sponsored by the state can be admired by the Edith-Stein-Schule. “And of course in the Rathausstr. 9 Santa Claus will read the Christmas story again“, adds Mäding, “and again asks for donations for a social purpose.“

“Everything is geared towards us starting on Monday after the first Advent“ Mäding explains the challenge of the coming weeks. Then electricity and water must be laid, the permanent huts set up, craftsmen and stand operators coordinated, legally required inspections carried out and - Christmas decorations decorated. “Our plan is set“, he is sure, “this year we will again have an atmospheric Christmas market in Hochheim!“

So visitors can look forward to a particularly beautiful and festive Christmas market again this year. The festive event will start from the plan and extend via Rathausstraße to Kälberplatz, or through Kirchstraße to the church of Peter and Paul. In addition to the typical Christmas stands, many will participate for clubs, schools and social institutions with stands, in courtyards and with unusual offers. The Hochheim Christmas Market is the third highlight in Hochheim's calendar of events alongside the wine festival and the traditional Hochheim Market.

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