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Ice rink on Frankfurt's Main bank opened

10.12.2019 | 13:22 Clock | City whispering
Ice rink on Frankfurt's Main bank opened

The good news first: Frankfurt finally has another ice rink in the city centre this winter. The not so good news: It's more like an ice cream train, which compared to the trains in other cities like Bad Homburg or Wiesbaden seems to be almost pitiful. At just 7.5 by 30 metres, the track doesn't necessarily offer much room for big jumps. But especially for beginners or for people who like to do their rounds a bit more leisurely, the 225 sqm are enough...

Around the small ice rink there was a lot of trouble with the city politics. What has come out after about a year of planning does not necessarily correspond to the image of the Main metropolis, which Frankfurt otherwise likes to carry to the outside world. But for all those who like to run over the ice with their skids under their feet, the runway on the (currently) closed Main river bank is definitely a step in the right direction. Surely, a larger variant more central at the Roßmarkt would have been even nicer. But anyone who has ever wanted to skate directly on the banks of the Main with a view of the skyline or simply wants to add a special touch to their visit to the Christmas market should be very happy about this little ice cream train. 

skates can be borrowed on site. So you can also venture onto the ice at short notice. And at the latest, when you do your rounds and just have fun, the (justified) criticisms are quickly forgotten. 

The use of the ice rink costs 6 € (day ticket) for adults and 4 € (day ticket) for children under 12 years. Skates can be rented for 5 € (for 2 hours). A deposit of either 60 € in cash, or the driver's license or identity card must be deposited.  

With mulled wine, hot cider, medlar, beer or soft drinks, there is also something for your thirst! 

The ice rink on the banks of the Main is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. until 19 January.

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