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Kahuna Poké Bros Downtown - A piece of Hawaii in Frankfurt City

17.02.2020 | 12:01 Clock | Culinary
Kahuna Poké Bros Downtown - A piece of Hawaii in Frankfurt City
Kahuna Poké Bros Downtown - A piece of Hawaii in Frankfurt City
Kahuna Poké Bros Downtown - A piece of Hawaii in Frankfurt City

Approximately two years ago, the Poké Restaurant Kahuna Poké Bros. We have reported about it in detail HERE. The guests were quickly convinced by this healthy food trend, which has conquered the European metropolises from Hawaii to New York. There was no question of bringing this successful concept to the city centre. But first of all, of course, the right location had to be found. And that was the most difficult task in this expansion, reveals co-founder Wlassios Kordonias. Numerous locations were looked at and at some of them plans for the implementation were even made, but in the end there was just not the right thing to do.

Then came the offer to move into the premises of a former copy shop in Kirchnerstraße. And although this one had to be completely rebuilt first, this offer proved to be too ideal to turn it down. And even though the team was busy with the opening of the branch in the Main-Tanus-Zentrum, they managed to turn the copy shop into a location in a very short time, which is not as spacious as its big brother on the Hanauer Landstraße, but which perfectly reflects the concept of the Kahuna Poké Bros in terms of charm and atmosphere.

The offer is a little reduced compared to the larger location in the Ostend. Here at Poké you're limited to the favorites, but that doesn't change one thing: the excellent taste of the bowls. In addition to tuna, salmon, hula chicken or the delicious Gangnam Style Beef, there are of course two very tasty vegan Pokés on offer, which are placed on sushi rice, brown rice, quinoa or on vegetables. Various toppings such as kimchi, coleslaw, edam or mango salsa can be chosen. This is followed by crunchy sprouts, fried onions or veggie crisps, before the bowl is rounded off with the matching sauce such as wasabi mayo or teriyaki. From the very first bite it is clear how much importance was attached to the freshness of the ingredients and their quality. Simply incredibly good!

This now third location for the Kahuna Poké Bros, which was ceremonially opened last weekend, seems a bit remote at first sight. But appearances are deceptive. Not only that Kirchnerstrasse has been enlivened by attractive locations such as the Bunca Café and the Embury Bar. The walk-in customers here, in the middle of the bank towers, should not be underestimated either. In addition, the attractive opening hours mean that people can not only get something to eat before work and during their lunch break, but can also stop off at the restaurant during a stroll through the city or after work and treat themselves to a "Bowl of Happiness". Have a look - it's worth it!

>em>address: Kirchnerstraße 6/8, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

opening hours Mon - Fri 07:30 - 22:00, Sat 11:00 - 22:00, Sunday closed

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