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KUFTI - The Culture and Leisure Ticket for Frankfurt Children

26.05.2020 | 18:17 Clock | City whispering
KUFTI - The Culture and Leisure Ticket for Frankfurt Children

(ffm) As big as a cheque card and bright yellow: From Tuesday, 2 June, the Culture and Leisure Ticket, KUFTI for short, of the City of Frankfurt is available. "Around 80 percent of children and young people in Frankfurt will then no longer pay admission to over 30 museums in the city and the zoo. All they have to do is show their personal KUFTI at the entrance and they will have free access to all participating museums - for as long and as often as they want," explained Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann.

Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann and the head of the Department of Culture, Ina Hartwig, presented the new "culture key" at a press conference in the Senckenberg Nature Museum on Friday, 22 May. The ticket can be applied for online at from 2 June, or together with the Frankfurt Pass in the Social Council Chambers from mid-June. The website also contains all the information about the ticket and the participating houses.

Lord Mayor Feldmann is delighted with the new offer: "The core idea is that Frankfurt children should be able to go to most non-urban cultural institutions free of charge from now on. In the case of the city museums, this step has actually led to 100 percent more visitors among children and young people. Now we are following suit with the culture and leisure ticket at houses such as Senckenberg, Städel or the zoo - and in doing so we are coming a step closer to our goal: Frankfurt as a city for everyone! The demand for culture is there - this is particularly evident now that the zoo and museums are opening again. "This demand among children and young people should not fail because of the price - the ticket is explicitly aimed at all Frankfurt children. It stands for identification with our cultural institutions."

Department of Culture Hartwig adds: "The new KUFTI can be ordered to coincide with the start of the summer holidays and bring even more children and young people into contact with the diverse cultural offerings of this city. In times like these, it is more important than ever that we invest in the younger generations and do not cut corners. This offer is unique in Germany and will have a signal effect. With KUFTI we want to and will ensure even more social and cultural participation. One thing is clear: success depends on the support of target group-specific offers in the museums, so that the young visitors are picked up. Here we can build on the expertise and the great offers of our museums".

The Culture and Leisure Ticket can be ordered free of charge by Frankfurt children and young people from households with a net income of less than 4500 euros as well as by day-care centre children and Frankfurt schoolchildren; for all other families, a ticket price of 29 euros per year is charged. This corresponds to an average annual ticket price for all individual cultural institutions. Admissions to the museums are automatically recorded in the buildings and the City of Frankfurt will reimburse the museums in full for the lost admission fees.

Admission to the municipal museums is free for young visitors since 2017. And with great success: since its introduction, the number of visitors has doubled, from 47,400 in 2016 to 95,400 in 2019.

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