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Let`s do the Time Warp again - Rocky Horror Show is back in Frankfurt

20.04.2022 | 09:19 Clock | Culture
Let`s do the Time Warp again - Rocky Horror Show is back in Frankfurt

Five years have passed since the last tour, but now the cult musical "Rocky Horror Show" by British actor, author and composer Richard O`Brien is finally coming back to Frankfurt. It quickly became clear on opening night: the musical has lost none of its unique impact even almost 50 years after its premiere. The fan base is as large as ever and even grows steadily with each guest performance of the original production. This was built up not least by the congenial film version from 1975, which, after average reviews and slight initial difficulties, has developed into a long-running hit in many art house cinemas. And the actual musical also continues to attract thousands to concert halls around the globe. So it's no wonder that it's always a special treat for fans in the Rhine-Main area, too, when the musical comes to town in its original production.

The premiere of the current Frankfurt guest performance was once again a very big party, with the audience always an important part of it all. And so already during the opening number "Science Fiction Double Feature", vocally performed by Magenta, it became clear that perfect entertainment is offered here even in a somewhat smaller setting. Shortly after, the audience was asked for the first time to celebrate the first appearance of the young couple Brad Majors and Janet with wild confetti throwing. The fun ramps up with the first appearance of the narrator, who is usually to be rattled with loud "Boring" shouts. How confidently and quick-wittedly Sky Du Mont once again completed this task makes it clear why the actor has meanwhile become an indispensable part of the production for many fans.

Whoever knows the musical knows that there are not only fun, but also real emotional moments. For example, when "Over at the Frankenstein Place" transforms the entire hall into a sea of lights, it's not just the wonderful melody of the song that gives you goose bumps. But this quickly gives way to a real party feeling again when the mood reaches its temporary climax with the cult song "The Time Warp". This number also makes it clear that the musical's recipe for success consists of a perfect symbiosis of talented cast, first-class musicians, colorful costumes and atmospheric decor. No wonder, then, that it hardly keeps the audience in their seats after barely 20 minutes.

But the cast of this production is also really quite outstanding, with the "Rocky Horror Show" of course primarily dedicated to one character: that of the "Sweet Transvestite" Frank'n'Furter. Oliver Savile delivers a great performance in every respect as the alien scientist from the planet Transsexual. Vocally above reproach, he also presents himself in top acting form. The way he involves the audience in his play with little glances or short utterances is simply wonderful. That his last number "I`m going Home" then culminated in thunderous applause and standing ovations at the premiere was more than deserved.

During the epilogue and the two encores, the large hall of the Alte Oper then finally boiled. Here it became clear once again how much fun the musical makes, how great all actors sang and what an excellent performance also the musicians a little hidden in the gallery delivered. The audience is offered an extremely funny, colorful, slightly frivolous evening with great songs and perfect atmosphere in this musical. Of course, the more people in the audience join in, the better. Who missed that so far or would like to experience again, which has this year still to 24.04., as well as of 01. - 03.07.2022 in addition the opportunity, if the ROCKY HORROR SHOW comes again back to Frankfurt - then with Hardy Krüger Jr. as a narrator!

This musical is colorful, shrill and simply good! Thus, it is the perfect distraction from all that is happening in our world in recent months and currently. So, get your tickets for one of the two guest performances in Frankfurt and: "Let`s do the Time Warp again"... and again... and again..."

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