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MACHEN KLEIDER LEUTE ruft die 112 - Ehrenamt im Fokus

30.07.2019 | 15:29 Clock | People
MACHEN KLEIDER LEUTE ruft die 112 - Ehrenamt im Fokus
MACHEN KLEIDER LEUTE ruft die 112 - Ehrenamt im Fokus

When there is a fire, a tree is lying across a road, a cellar is full of water or a person has an accident in a car, the volunteer fire brigade goes out to help. In an emergency, they may not take longer than ten minutes to provide assistance at the scene of the fire or accident.  

This means being available on call, even at night, during festivities or during leisure time. In an emergency call, everything else must be left standing and left lying around at the workplace.

Only cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants have a professional fire brigade. Most missions in Hessen are carried out by volunteers. Our society would presumably collapse if people everywhere in the country were not prepared to help.

Katrin Rebell (31) is the head of operations at the volunteer fire brigade in Heusenstamm, the first woman in a military tour in the district of Offenbach and has been doing so for four years. Also her father, her brother and her boyfriend Mario extinguish fires and free people from great need. 

Round 100 women and men aged 18 to 60 volunteer here, 365 days a year. The Heusenstamm fire brigade counts between 150 and 300 missions a year. For Katrin Rebell this commitment is a matter of course: “Fire brigade is teamwork. Only together are we in a position to help people in exceptional situations. We must be able to rely on each other blindly in order to work well together. It makes me proud to be part of this great troupe. “ 

For the campaign “Clothes make the man“ the train driver slipped from her heavy, fireproof uniform into a chic costume by tailor Stephan Görner. The campaign is dedicated to people who have extraordinary or dangerous jobs, who usually don't wear a costume or tailor-made suit at their workplace, but without whom a city wouldn't function. 

First in protective clothing and then in fine thread, they are photographed by photographer Daniel Baldus. Recognition, appreciation and respect towards these people and their professions and hobbies are the message of this extraordinary action of the initiators Stephan Görner and Sven Müller, which takes place already in the fifth year and introduces new occupational groups again and again. 

„We would like to point out that there are many citizens and citizens, who are still volunteers besides their profession. Especially with the volunteer fire brigade it is important that this honorary office is honoured and can be exercised in peace“, says tailor Stephan Görner. Recently there have been repeated attacks against paramedics, the police or the fire brigade. „It is incomprehensible how one can disturb or obstruct the helpers in their work for people in need“, finds Sven Müller.

For Katrin Rebell another aspect is important: „We wear our uniform with pride. And I would like to encourage even more women to swap skirts and pantsuits for heat and flame protection suits for this exciting hobby ““ 

On Saturday, November 2, 2019, train driver Katrin Rebell will not be on standby and will not have to go on missions. On this evening she is not in the blue light but in the spotlight at the 5th Charity Gala “Clothes make people“, which takes place at the Hotel Kempinski. With her chic Paisley costume, a colourful velvet double-breasted suit, she is presented to the 300 guests from the fields of sport, business, culture and show business and her voluntary work is honoured. In addition to a VIP fashion show, guests can expect an atmospheric programme with entertainer Joe Whitney, dancing, good food and exquisite wines. The Leberecht Foundation will again benefit from Frankfurt's fashion gala. Over the past four years, 120,000 euros have been collected for children in need and their families. The entrance fee includes candlelight dinner, drinks and costs 250 Euro per guest:

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