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Mayor Feldmann welcomes reopening of the gastronomy - but...

15.05.2020 | 09:39 Clock | City whispering
Mayor Feldmann welcomes reopening of the gastronomy - but...

Before the gastronomy in Frankfurt is allowed to open again today, Friday, Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann visited the still closed Restaurant "Margarete" on the Braubachstraße, Mayor Peter Feldmann himself got an idea of how restaurants prepare for the start after the Corona period. The head of the city wanted to find out in particular about the implementation of the prescribed measures to contain the corona virus. "It is good that restaurants and cafés can now open again - similar to the playgrounds, museums, the zoo or the palm garden, there is a great urge among the population to finally spend their leisure time or lunch break outside again.", so Feldmann.

It is clear that the observance of the hygiene rules is the highest command: "It is particularly important to observe the rules of distance in this time of relaxation in order to continue to give the virus no chance of spreading," said Feldmann. However, he is also aware that there is still an enormous need for improvement. Feldmann can understand the criticism of the gastronomy industry of the rule that restaurants are allowed to serve one guest per five square metres: "This is often harsh because it is not worth it for many people to open their restaurant for just a few guests at all. All other federal states are more pragmatic than Hesse in this respect," said the Lord Mayor, who, in the interests of the gastronomy sector, spoke out in favour of bringing Hesse's special path into line with national standards.

In view of these regulations the Initiative Gastronomie Frankfurt e. V. (IGF) had called for the action #leerelokale for the Friday. Because as good as the relaxation measures may sound on paper, their implementation is problematic. As is the case for many theatres and cinemas, many catering businesses are simply not feasible from an economic point of view under the current regulations. It is understandable that the state government would like to exercise a certain amount of caution with regard to the numerous relaxation measures. After all, none of us wants the relaxation to have to be reversed in a few weeks. If, however, it is decided to relax the rules that have very little to do with reality, that is just as unwise.

Consequently, it is to be hoped that the state government will make further improvements in the areas of gastronomy and culture - and that the guests will also adhere to the necessary regulations. After all, this crisis can only be overcome together.

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