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Meridian Spa & Fitness turns 35 - Fitness 3.5 actions

05.09.2019 | 12:01 Clock | Sports
Meridian Spa & Fitness turns 35 - Fitness 3.5 actions

The large Hamburg group of companies Meridian Spa & Fitness celebrates its 35th anniversary and ignites a fireworks display of unique measures for its 38,000 members. "Fitness 3.5" is the name of the initiative which, based on a meridian trend office study, looks at the "fitness future" and responds to society's modern fitness needs with a series of special workouts and a socially oriented employee campaign in all eight facilities - including the Skyline Plaza Frankfurt (Europa-Allee 4). "It's no longer a matter of slim and lank and higher, faster, further. Who wants to be fit, looks for mindfulness, health for body, spirit and soul and would like itself to feel well holistically , says business guide Christin Lüdemann.

"Fitness 3,5" brings the birthday number 35 into a digital, future-oriented context. That fits the trend, because the fitness and wellness world is in a state of flux, becoming more digital on the one hand and in need of rest on the other.

The heart of the entire campaign is the "Fitness 3.5 Study", which Meridian Spa & Fitness developed with the renowned trend office of Prof. Peter Wippermann. Supplemented by an online member survey, it sums up in a scientifically sound manner: The fitness world is changing - work, leisure and sport are merging. Fitness becomes a connecting experience, which above all should bring fun. Fitness concepts of the future include the mental level of the human being, become even more technical and digital. In addition, they deal with the influence of hormones, with super food and have long been more than cardio, aerobics and functional training.

In the context of the anniversary, other new and surprising formats will be established and offered to members as "Crazy Workouts". These include outdoor yoga sessions, where members can bring their (well-behaved) four-legged friends, athletic performance training with a sprint parachute and much more.

In addition, Meridian offers more and more boutique offers for various target groups, such as senior citizens, runners or curvy people who long for cosiness and a balance of interests.

More info about "Fitness 3.5" and the other meridian offers can be found at

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