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New Bar Black Dog opened at Le Méridien Frankfurt

02.03.2018 | 10:09 Clock | Culinary
New Bar Black Dog opened at Le Méridien Frankfurt

A few days ago, the Frankfurt train station district was enriched by a scene address: The Black Dog Temperance Society opened its doors at the Hotel Le Méridien on Wiesenhüttenplatz. With the bar, The Kinly Bar operators René Soffner and restaurateur Radu Rosetti want to set new accents in the station quarter. Hotel director Wolfgang Selinger was convinced at the opening that this will also be successful: "The bar has what it takes to quickly become an absolute trendy meeting place and means a real upgrade for the Wiesenhüttenplatz, which is increasingly developing into a hotspot in the station district. I am very pleased that the two operators have chosen our hotel of all places as the location for their latest coup."

Soffner and Rosetti want to score points with high-quality cocktails and "playful" bar food, with re-distillation, clarification, sous-vide cooking and fermentation being the focal points during production. It is also important to both of them that only the best is offered to the guests. This is why they place the highest demands on the quality of their cocktails and dishes - which is why they operate a separate production facility in the station quarter for the manufacture of many ingredients. In order to guarantee the high level behind the counter, the operators have engaged Matthias Noori as bar manager, who is known to the Frankfurters from Roomers and Kinly. The heart of the Black Dog is the seven metre long counter, which is designed in such a way that bartender and guest can communicate with each other at the same height. Soffner focuses on transparency; the guest should be able to look at the bartender's hands, the usual separation between work area and counter table is thus completely abolished.

The furnishing is based on a rather minimalist style. “Design furniture and superfluous decorations do not exist“, reports Wolfgang Selinger. The cocktails are already in the Mise en Place, thus in the preparation, highly fastidious. These include, for example, “Michael Jackfruit“ from Cachaca, Jackfruit, Apricot Plum Kefir, Tepache and Limewater, which is a sous vide infusion. The naturally fermented Tepache - pineapple beer - is homemade, as is the apricot plum kefir. One focus is also on low-alcohol drinks, for example those with non-alcoholic port wine. For the alcohol-free “Port Williams“ from Port Juice, Pear, Pickled Apple and Miso, the alcohol was distilled from the port wine using a rotary evaporator. A few special features are also on the experimental Barfood card. Drinks can be enjoyed here, for example, Sous-Vide cooked beef bone marrow and port wine juice onions or handmade ricotta cheese with sauce Pistou confit cherry tomatoes and herb ash.

Round 70 seats are available in the Black Dog, whose name, by the way, is inspired by Soffners dog Hector. “The bar is completely independent of the hotel“, Selinger stresses. The hotel director sees it as a harmonious addition to the hotel's own Legacy Bar: „Black Dog has a completely different concept than our Legacy Bar, not only in terms of what it has to offer. With the Legacy Bar and the neighbouring Roomers Bar, Black Dog is turning Wiesenhüttenplatz into a new nightlife hotspot in the trendy district around Frankfurt's main train station.

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