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New Goetheturm is to be finally opened in October 2020

29.06.2020 | 16:41 Clock | Favourite places
New Goetheturm is to be finally opened in October 2020

The anticipation was great: For the annual Goetheturm festival at the beginning of May, the Goetheturm, which was destroyed by arson in 2017, was supposed to stand again. Unfortunately, nothing came of it - not only because the festival could not take place this year due to the Corona pandemic. But now a big step towards reconstruction has been taken: The wood used for the new tower has been brought from northern Spain to the southern Black Forest. Here, at the Amann company in Weilheim, the individual wood and steel elements are processed further - into supports and struts, steps and railings. In Frankfurt, the tower, whose foundation was cast in winter, will then be assembled with the help of a huge crane, whose site is currently being prepared, and will then shine in new splendour at its old location.

That the approximately 43-metre high tower also meets the wishes and expectations of the Frankfurters, was something that the head of the building department, Jan Schneider, saw for himself last week at the company Holzbau Amann. And his impression seems to be a positive one, because the construction of the tower in Sachsenhausen is to start as early as the beginning of July, as soon as the individual parts have been transported to Frankfurt by truck. If everything then goes according to plan, the new Goetheturm will be ready by mid-August. The opening is then planned for October. How big it will be, of course, depends on what the Corona event will look like in autumn.

But regardless of whether it will be a big buzz or rather an intimate opening - the people of Frankfurt are happy to finally have their Goetheturm, one of the most popular landmarks of our city, back in a few months. And by the Goetheturmfest 2021 at the latest, there will be a big party!

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