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New show looks back on 25 years of Bäppi La Belle

03.05.2018 | 20:35 Clock | Culture
New show looks back on 25 years of Bäppi La Belle
New show looks back on 25 years of Bäppi La Belle
New show looks back on 25 years of Bäppi La Belle

When Thomas Bäppler-Wolf was looking for an artist name for his own travesty show more than 25 years ago, he drove past the Festhalle with an acquaintance, where a concert by soul singer Patti La Belle was announced. The perfect inspiration for the young dance teacher, who was only called Bäppi by his friends: Bäppi La Belle was born. In 2018 the Grand Dame of Frankfurt looks back on 25 years of Bäppi la Belle in her anniversary programme. The audience can expect a reunion with popular characters such as cider landlord Lia. And of course the “golden mouse“ Angie must not be missing, too, who immediately brought “her political colleague“, former Frankfurt mayor Petra Roth, on stage at the premiere.

Besides some songs, which have a very special meaning for Bäppi, also a selection of the amusing single-player films, which are to be seen before each Bäppi show, and music videos may not be missing. This includes very special training for the Olympics, the fairytale of the Queen's “meat sausage“ or a glamorous performance in a casting show - including a guest appearance by “Let`s Dance“ juror Joachim Llambi. These videos are framed by an amusing journey through time, which shows that not only Bäppis costumes have changed over the years. How much times have changed in terms of advertising or TV entertainment is made clear by Bäppi in her very special way. And time has not passed without a trace of humour either. Some of the jokes from the earlier programmes could no longer be performed today, Bäppi said - only to perform them once again, contrary to any political correctness.

Because one thing becomes clear during this anniversary show: Times may have changed - Bäppi doesn't! With typical Hessian cordiality, evil tongue and disarming charm, Bäppi La Belle has for a quarter of a century now been providing the inclined Theatrallalla audience with something that is becoming increasingly valuable, especially in this day and age: Just have a good time in a good mood. Colourful, shrill, evil and yet always lovable - that was Bäppi in the past 25 years and will hopefully remain so in the next!

More info about tickets and seasons of the anniversary show can be found HERE

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