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Next major closure in Frankfurt's public transport system looms

07.02.2019 | 10:56 Clock | Service
Next major closure in Frankfurt's public transport system looms

When the permanent closure of the S-Bahn tunnel came to an end after years at the end of last summer holidays, commuters in Frankfurt in particular heaved a collective sigh of relief. But after the closure is before the closure. Because during the next summer holidays, large parts of the Frankfurt subway network will be at a standstill. This was now announced at the presentation of the construction measures planned for 2019 by the VGF. The focus will be on the service interruptions of the "A route" (U1, U2, U3, U8 and U9) and the "C route" (U7, also affected is the U4) during the summer holidays.

On the "A line", VGF has bundled various works in order to make good use of the several-week closure of its most important section, which is used by 110,000 to 120,000 passengers daily. This includes, among other things, the replacement of tracks and switches - for example in the tunnel section - the construction of new crossings, and the renewal of cable harnesses. The simultaneous closure of the eastern branch of the U4 and U7 is not caused by VGF construction work, but by Hessenmobil work on the Riederwald tunnel.

Large replacement traffic on the "A line"

The closure of the "A line" between Heddernheim and Südbahnhof means passengers will have to switch to a long rail replacement service. 34 articulated buses will run between Heddernheimer Landstraße and Konstablerwache every 5 minutes during rush hour. The VGF will use two buses per departure, the journey time towards the city centre will be about 33 minutes, towards Heddernheim about 35 minutes. The buses will run in normal traffic on Eschersheimer Landstraße and unfortunately cannot be given priority by a separate bus lane or by appropriate traffic lights. Therefore, more time should definitely be planned here during rush hours.

At the "Konsti" there is the possibility to change to other subway, tram and S-Bahn lines to reach the destinations "Hauptwache" (S-Bahn), "Willy-Brandt-Platz" (U4 and U5), "Schweizer Platz" (tram lines) and "Südbahnhof" (S-Bahn), because these are not served by the SEV buses. Reason: The Hauptwache cannot be used because of the high axle load of the buses.

On the second SEV route between the stations "Riedwiese/Mertonviertel" and "Heddernheim", two more replacement buses are on the way.

In addition to this major closure, there will be several smaller construction works during the year, some of which may also involve cancellations, diversions or the use of replacement services. Other measures, on the other hand, will have no effect whatsoever on local transport operations.

Here is now an overview of all planned construction measures sorted by line:


Lines U1, U2, U3, U8, U9:

Preparatory work on the "A route" to the closure from 1.7.2019 on.

Saturday, 6/29/2019, approx. 3 a.m., to Monday, 7/1/2019, approx. 3 am

Line U1 runs Ginnheim <> Willy-Brandt-Platz

Line U2 runs HG-Gonzenheim <> Willy-Brandt-Platz

Line U3 runs Oberursel Hohemark <.<x>Heddernheim

Line U8 no service

Line U9 runs with three-car trains


Lines U1, U2, U3, U8, U9:

Track and switch construction "A line", renewal of various wiring harnesses (a.a. radio). Closure of "A line" between Heddernheimer Ldstr. and Riedwiese <> Südbahnhof. Information from the S-Bahn that there are no subways between Hauptwache and Südbahnhof.

Monday, 1.7.2019, approx. 3 o'clock, until Monday, 12.8.2019, approx. 3 o'clock

Lines U1 and U8 are discontinued

Line U2 runs in 15-Min.Takt zw. Nieder-Eschbach <> Riedwiese

Line U3 runs with two-car trains at 15-min.intervals Hohemark <> Niederursel <> Ginnheim

Line U9 runs with three/four-car trains at 7/8-min.Takt zw. Ginnheim <> Riedberg <> Nieder-Eschbach <> Gonzenheim

Line 16 additional trips Ginnheim <> Westbahnhof

Rail replacement service (SEV) with buses on two routes:

SEV 1 runs between. Heddernheimer Ldstr. <> Konstablerwache (every 5 min) with articulated buses

Monday - Friday

"single trips": Start of service until approx. 6 am 30

"Double trips"(i.e. two buses per departure): 6 am 30 am to 9 pm 30 pm

"Single trips": 9 pm 30 pm to end of service


"Single trips": Start of service until approximately 9 a.m.

"Double trips": 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

"Single trips": 9:30 p.m. to end of service


"Single trips": Start of service to end of service

SEV 2 runs between Riedwiese <> Heddernheim via Sandelmühle (10/15-min.Takt)


Linie U2, U9:

Gleisbau Ober-Eschbach, Gleisstopfen zw. Nieder-Eschbach <> Kalbach

Tuesday, 23.4.2019, approx. 3 o'clock, until Monday, 29.4.2019, approx. 20 o'clock

Linie U2 verkehrt zw. Südbahnhof <> Riedwiese / Mertonviertel

Line U9 no service

.SEV with articulated buses Riedwiese / Mertonviertel <> HG-Gonzenheim via Riedberg


lines U3, U8 and U9:

Axis meter exchange in the area of Riedberg and Niederursel

Monday, 18.3. and Tuesday, 19.3.2018, in each case from approx. 9 o'clock to approx. 15 o'clock (phase 1)

Line U8 runs zw. Südbahnhof <> Nieder-Eschbach

Line U9 no service

Wednesday, 20.3. and Friday, 22.3.2018, in each case from approx. 9 o'clock to approx. 15 o'clock (phase 2)

Line U8 runs zw. Südbahnhof -> Riedberg -> Nieder-Eschbach

Linie U8 verkehrt zw. Nieder-Eschbach -> Kalbach -> Heddernheim

-> Südbahnhof (no trips via Riedberg)

Line U9 no service


Line U4, U7:

track construction Borsigallee (motorway exit <> Gwinnerstraße). Construction time approx. eleven days, parallel to the construction work Riederwaldtunnel in the summer holidays. Closure Schäfflestraße <> Enkheim as well as exit Betriebshof Ost <> Johanna-Tesch-Platz

Saturday, 29.6.2019, approx. 2 o'clock, until Monday, 22.7.2019, approx. 2 o'clock (1st phase)

Linie U4 verkehrt zw. Bockenheimer Warte <> Seckbacher Landstraße

Linie U7 verkehrt zw. Heerstraße <> Schäfflestraße

Rail replacement service (SEV) with articulated buses between. Schäfflestraße <> Enkheim


Line U4, U7:

Track construction Borsigallee

Monday, 22.7.2019, approx. 2 a.m., until Monday, 12.8.2019, approx. 3 a.m. (2nd phase)

Closure between. Schäfflestraße <> Enkheim and exit Betriebshof Ost <> Johanna-Tesch-Platz

Line U4 runs between Bockenheimer Warte <> Schäfflestraße

Line U7 runs between. Heerstraße <> Johanna-Tesch-Platz

SEV with articulated buses between. Schäfflestraße <> Enkheim


Linie U4, U5:

Gleisbau Eckenheimer Landstraße / Dt. Nationalbibliothek as well as renewal of tunnel lighting "B section"

Saturday, 13.4.2019, approx. 2 a.m., until Friday, 19.4.2019, approx. 3 a.m.

Closure between Schäfflestraße <> Enkheim and exit Betriebshof Ost <> Johanna-Tesch-Platz

Line U4 runs between. Hauptbahnhof <> Bockenheimer Warte as well as shuttle train line U4 between Seckbacher Ldstr. <> Konstablerwache

Line U5 runs between Preungesheim <> Hauptfriedhof

SEV for U5 with articulated buses between. Marbachweg / Sozialzentrum <> Konstablerwache

Line U6 with three-car trains

Line U7 with four-car trains / reinforcements in SVZ


Line U6, U7:

Track construction Industriehof (track tamping)

Saturday, 16.3,2019, approx. 2 a.m., to Monday, 3/18,2019, approx. 3 a.m.

Line U6 runs every 10 minutes Ostbahnhof <> Zoo

Line U7 runs every 10 minutes Enkheim <> Industriehof

with four trains every 10 minutes.x>N</x>with four-car trains

SEV with articulated buses Industriehof <> Heerstraße


Line U6, U7:

Elevator retrofit U "Westend"

Commence construction spring 2019

.No obstruction of subway service



Line 11:

Barrier-free reconstruction of the stop "Alt-Fechenheim"

Start vsl. Spring 2019, construction time vsl. 6-8 months

No obstruction of service


Lines 11, 14, 16, 17, 21, Ebbel-Ex:

Work by Netzdienste Rhein-Main (NRM) on a 110 kV line in the Düsseldorfer Str. area.

Monday, Feb. 18, 2019, approx. 3 a.m., until Monday, Feb. 25.2019, 3 a.m.

Lines 11, 14, 16, 17, 21, EEX detour in both directions via Fußballschleife

Line 20 (during games at the stadium) runs between. Heilbronner Straße <> stadium via HBF south side


line 11, 14, 18:

Track construction Battonnstraße Börneplatz / Stoltzestraße <> Allerheiligentor, construction period ten days

Monday, 20.5.2019, approx. 3 a.m., until Thursday, 30.5.2019, approx. 3 a.m.

(common) Line 11 / 18 runs Zuckschwerdtstr. <> Gravensteiner-Platz via Konstablerwache as well as Schießhüttenstraße <> Louisa

Line 14 runs between Gustavsburgplatz <> Heilbronner Straße

Line 14 runs between. Ernst-May-Platz <> Lokalbahnhof

Ebbelwei-Express detours via Sachsenhausen

SEV will not be set up.


Line 12:

Barrier-free reconstruction of the stop "Hugo-Junkers-Straße / Schleife"

Start vsl. spring 2019, construction time vsl. 6-8 months

No obstruction of service.


Lines 15, 16, 19:

Road construction Schweizerstraße / Gartenstraße (no VGF work!)

Monday, 25.2.2019, until Wednesday, 27.2.2019

Lines 15, 16, 19 and EEX run in the direction of Südbahnhof, Louisa resp. Stadtgrenze Offenbach via Mörfelder Ldstr. and Stresemannallee.


Lines 15, 16, 19 and EEX:

Track construction Schweizer Straße / Schwanthalerstraße

Saturday, 23.3.2019, 3 a.m., until Monday, 1.4.2019, 3 a.m.

Lines 15, 16, 19 and EEX are rerouted in both directions via Mörfelder Ldstr. and Stresemannallee



Line 16:

Work at the rectifier plant Offenbacher Ldstr.

Monday, 18.2.2019, approx. 2 o'clock, until Monday, 25.2.2019, approx. 2 o'clock

Line 16 runs between Ginnheim <> Südbahnhof

SEV with articulated buses Offenbach zw. Stadtgrenze <> Südbahnhof


Lines 17 and 18:

Barrier-free reconstruction of the stops "Stresemannallee / Mörfelder Landstraße" and "Louisa"

Start vsl. Spring 2019, construction time vsl. 6-8 months

No obstruction of service.


Line 18:

Work on track drainage (warranty work) Friedberger Ldstr. / branch Rohrbachstraße, construction time approx. three days

Monday, 15.4.2019, approx. 2 a.m., until Thursday, 18.4.2019, approx. 3 a.m.

Work takes place under operation, therefore no closures interruptions etc.

Elevator Modernization:

Refurbishment or replacement of older equipment in stations, subway service will not be affected.

January / March

U "Höhenstraße": 2 escalators

U "Bornheim Mitte": 1 escalator

U "Konstablerwache": 1 escalator

U "Bockenheimer Warte": 1 escalator

March / May

U "Bockenheimer Warte": 1 escalator

U "Bornheim Mitte": 2 escalators

U "Schweizer Platz": 1 escalator

April / June

U "Südbahnhof": 2 escalators

U "Bornheim Mitte": 1 escalator

May / July

U "Schweizer Platz": 1 escalator

U "Südbahnhof": 1 escalator

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