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Outdoor pool season 2019 ends for the first Frankfurt outdoor pools

01.09.2019 | 12:12 Clock | Favourite places
Outdoor pool season 2019 ends for the first Frankfurt outdoor pools

All Frankfurt spas are closed on Monday 

One may not believe it at the temperatures that made us sweat again this weekend: But actually the beginning of the end of this year's outdoor swimming pool season has come. Since night temperatures of less than 15 degrees are expected in the coming week, this means for the first unheated outdoor swimming pools in Frankfurt: The season is over! This means in plain language: On Sunday the open-air swimming pools Brentano, Eschersheim and Nieder-Eschbach will open their doors for the last time this year. 

From Tuesday, September 3, open-air swimming pool lovers will only be able to continue their travels in the open-air swimming pools Stadion, Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim, Hausen and Silobad. What about Monday? Due to the annual company outing of the BäderBetriebe Frankfurt, all of the city's spas are closed. These are not available for public swimming and for school and club swimming. 

Update information on the opening hours and prices of the baths can be found under:

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