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Project Bee Rescuers: Seeds from the chewing gum machine

20.05.2020 | 15:46 Clock | City whispering
Project Bee Rescuers: Seeds from the chewing gum machine

Today, Wednesday, May 20, is UN World Bee Day. Not everyone loves bees and is afraid of the stings of small insects. But bees are very important for our eco-system and also for our health, because they do a great job! They not only provide us with honey, they also pollinate over 80 percent of all cultivated and wild plants. This makes them irreplaceable for our ecosystems. You too can help to keep it that way. At Frankfurt's Günthersburgpark, chewing gum machines have now been converted into "seed machines". From now on you can grow seeds for a few cents and thus contribute to the rescue of the bees.

And this rescue is urgently needed. Because wild bees could actually fly stress-free through Frankfurt's quiet streets in search of food. But it does not hum. The world has become quieter. Not only because of Corona. But also because the bee, the most important pollinator on our planet, can hardly find food anymore. Especially in cities, areas are being concreted over and front gardens are being spilled into supposed gravel gardens. This means that habitats for bees and other important insects are lost. Front gardens and balconies offer a small glimmer of hope: bee-friendly seeds can be sown there so that our buzzing pollinators can find food. The solution is as clever as it is simple.

"seed automats" for food for the bees

The educational project Bienenretter of the Frankfurt association FINE - Frankfurter Institut für nachhaltige Entwicklung brings the "seed automats", which were developed together with the Dortmund initiator of the idea, Sebastian Everding, now also to Frankfurt: Since this week two chewing gum machines in bright yellow at the entrance Burgstraße of the Günthersburgpark have been converted to "seed machines". Further vending machines will soon follow in the city centre and in Offenbach.

Optionally for 20 or 50 cents, Frankfurters can grow seeds there and help save the bees. For this purpose, Baumgartner, the Offenbach-based chewing gum vending machine operator, who was immediately enthusiastic about the idea, is making the first "seed dispensers" available: Instead of chewing gum, the seeds of the bee rescuers now come out of his machines in reusable capsules.

One machine contains the perennial seed mixture "Let your city blossom! It can be sown in the garden, on fallow land or in a flower pot. The other vending machine contains the annual "bee friend" with cultivated species. In short: a high-quality nectar and pollen feast especially for wild bees. Because their flight radius is usually limited to 50 to 300 metres. So it is almost necessary to let all front gardens and balconies blossom. Besides Frankfurt, there are now bright yellow vending machines in over 25 other cities.

"The feeling of powerlessness, not being able to do anything in this time, depresses many people. To express the personal hope that everything will be all right can literally be planted with the seeds of hope," says Christian Bourgeois, initiator of the Bee Saver project. In this way, everyone can contribute with just 20 cents so that even in the times of Corona, our city, and with it our hope, can blossom again.

You can find more information about the project Bienenretter at the vending machines and under

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