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Pulse of Europe - Paulskirche shines in the European elections

18.05.2019 | 11:13 Clock | City whispering
Pulse of Europe - Paulskirche shines in the European elections

‚Whatever you choose, choose Europe!‘ 

(ffm) On Thursdays, 23 May, both the first day of the European elections and the 70th anniversary of the Basic Law, an elaborate light production will take place at the Paulskirche in Frankfurt in the evening. At the cradle of democracy in Germany, the citizens' movement Pulse of Europe wants to set an urgent signal for peace, freedom and cohesion in Europe. With this event, the citizens are once again called upon to vote on Sunday, 26 May and to help democratic, pro-European parties win the election. 

The plan is to start at 7 p.m. with a stage program on Paulsplatz with live music by the band Cris Cosmo, TV presenter Carolin Henseler, Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann, the former President of the European Parliament Klaus Hänsch and Pulse of Europe founder Daniel Röder. In addition, Prime Minister Volker Bouffier has been asked to do so. 

The actual light production is scheduled for around 21.45 hours. The Paulskirche, the symbol of the democratic beginnings of a united Germany, is to be used as a spark to promote a united Europe. The twelve stars of the European flag are symbolically represented by twelve rays of light from the roof of the Paulskirche church, just as the 28 member states of the European Union will be part of the colourful and musically underpinned performance. The light staging of the Paulskirche is at the same time the culmination of Pulse of Europe's European election campaign "Was immer du wählenst, wählen Europa" (Whatever you choose, choose Europe). Since March of this year, European activists have been mobilising to take part in the European elections with a multi-stage campaign, Pulse of Europe e.V., which specifically addresses undecided and non-voters.  

The background for the engagement of Pulse of Europe is the concern that populist forces with national and anti-European tendencies could significantly increase in the elections and thus block important decisions in the EU Parliament in the future. “Our mission is therefore to save Europe by increasing voter turnout.“, says Daniel Röder. 

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