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Reconstruction of the Korean Garden in Grüneburgpark is approved

05.06.2020 | 14:01 Clock | Favourite places
Reconstruction of the Korean Garden in Grüneburgpark is approved

Three years ago the morning dew pavilion in the Korean Garden in Grüneburgpark fell victim to an arson attack. That the reconstruction should come was actually quickly decided. But only after three years was the building and financing proposal for the reconstruction approved by the city council of Frankfurt. This is now to be implemented by a South Korean construction company. For this decision, the city received support from the South Korean consulate, which selected the construction company itself. Original building materials are needed for the destroyed wooden structure, the roof, the floor slabs, the walls and the foundations of the pavilion. These are produced by craftsmen in South Korea and brought to Frankfurt by sea.

The Republic of Korea also supports Frankfurt financially: it has provided 150,000 euros for the restoration of the Korean Garden. The donation, which the magistrate received in August last year, has already been invested in the partial restoration of the garden. With the reconstruction of the morning dew pavilion and the plum bower, which has not burnt down but is still being renovated, the work will be completed. The total cost of the reconstruction is around half a million euros.

"I am very happy that the Korean Garden will soon shine in its old glory again," says Mayor Peter Feldmann. "The people of Frankfurt are very fond of it - no wonder, it is simply a beautiful, peaceful place. I really enjoy being there with my family. My sincere thanks go to our friends from Korea for their support, whom I hope to meet personally in the autumn. I am honored that our city is beautified by such fine craftsmanship."

The control of the planning and construction work is shared by the Office for Building and Real Estate and the Green Space Office, which also takes over the commissioning of the services. Rosemarie Heilig, head of the environment department, says: "We were all deeply saddened after the fire in our beautiful pavilion. But our Korean community has stood by us - first and foremost the Consulate General - and has raised a large part of the money for the reconstruction with private donations and with concerts, such as with the great Korean women's choir 'x>Ampersand</x>sbquo;Harmonie Ensemble'. This was another sign of our deep friendship that touched me deeply."

For South Korea's Consul General, the Korean Garden is also "a symbol of the friendly cooperation between Korea and the City of Frankfurt", says Chang Rok Keum, "due to the Corona crisis, the reconstruction has unfortunately been delayed, but I hope that the Korean Garden can be restored as soon as possible and that various cultural events will also take place as soon as possible. I would like to thank the Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann, Rosemarie Heilig, Head of the Environment Department, and all those involved for their great efforts. </Work is not expected to begin until fall at the earliest. Prior to that, the production of individual components in South Korea will take about four weeks, and transportation will take about six weeks. The work on site in Frankfurt is scheduled to take two months. According to current plans, however, it looks as if the garden and pavilion will be ready for park visitors to enjoy again in 2021.</p>

The Korean Garden was presented to the City of Frankfurt by the then host country South Korea on the occasion of the 2005 Book Fair. It was designed in South Korea, where the building materials were also produced. A group of artisans then travelled to Frankfurt to build the garden in Grüneburgpark. On the almost 4000 square meter large area are the garden with two pavilions, the morning dew pavilion, the plum bower as well as ponds and a stream.

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