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Restrictions on public transport during the summer holidays

01.07.2020 | 08:07 Clock | Service
Restrictions on public transport during the summer holidays

Summer holidays are coming soon - and with them come the usual restrictions on public transport. This is because the holiday period is regularly used to carry out necessary construction work. This is also the case this summer.

Right at the beginning it meets the S-Bahn lines S3 and S4. Since the Deutsche Bahn is renewing the S-Bahn tracks, no S-Bahn trains can run in either direction on the line between Langen and Frankfurt (Main) South in the period from July 4 to 27. During this period, a rail replacement service with buses will be provided for passengers.

The tracks of the long-distance railway between Darmstadt and Frankfurt are not affected by the construction work. Passengers wishing to travel from Darmstadt, Langen and Dreieich directly to Frankfurt can use the trains of the regional railway lines RE60, RB68 and RB61.

For passengers who do not board or disembark directly at the stations, an additional bus replacement line has been installed along the former B3. The routes to the replacement stops are signposted.

During the three-week closure, the rails and sleepers of both S-Bahn tracks will be replaced and the track bed cleaned. In addition, Deutsche Bahn is also using the closure period to renew four points in Frankfurt Louisa station.

work for the four-track extension of the S6 and overhead line work in Bad Vilbel

The railway line between Frankfurt West and Bad Vilbel or Groß-Karben is closed at weekends during the summer holidays. The reason is construction work for the four-track extension of the S6 and overhead line work in Bad Vilbel. The S6 trains will therefore be cancelled at the weekends from 3 July to 17 August on Saturday between Bad Vilbel and Frankfurt South and from Saturday evening until early Monday morning between Groß-Karben and Frankfurt South. As a replacement, buses between Groß-Karben and Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (central station) will be running intermittently, U9 will not be running


Also the subway has some restrictions during the holiday season. For example, from Monday, July 6, about 2 a.m., until Saturday, August 1, about 3 a.m., the U2 subway line between Riedwiese/Mertonviertel and Nieder-Eschbach is interrupted. The reason is track construction work between Kalbach and Nieder-Eschbach. The U2 only runs between Südbahnhof and Riedwiese/Mertonviertel and between Nieder-Eschbach and Bad Homburg-Gonzenheim. There is no U2 service between Riedwiese/Mertonviertel and Nieder-Eschbach.

Subsequently, from Saturday, August 1, approx. 3 a.m. to Monday, August 3, approx. 1.30 a.m., the U2 only runs between Südbahnhof and Heddernheim and between Nieder-Eschbach and Bad Homburg-Gonzenheim. This is due to work on the overhead contact line. From Heddernheim to Nieder-Eschbach and back the U2 line does not run.

The U9 line does not run during the entire construction work. The Riedberg can be reached with line U8 as planned.

Rail replacement service with buses

A rail replacement service with articulated buses between Heddernheim, Riedwiese/Mertonviertel via Unicampus/Riedberg, Kalbach, Bonames Mitte and Nieder-Eschbach will be set up during the entire period.

Via the RMV app and on passengers can find out about the timetables and their new connections.

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