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STAGE DRIVE - Frankfurt gets a drive-in cultural stage

09.05.2020 | 15:21 Clock | Culture
STAGE DRIVE - Frankfurt gets a drive-in cultural stage
STAGE DRIVE - Frankfurt gets a drive-in cultural stage

It will probably take quite some time until we get used to what politicians like to call "new normality". But we not only have to get used to the necessary changes in our everyday life, we also have to adapt in some areas - until there is an effective therapy or vaccination against the corona virus - in order not to have to do without it completely. This applies very much to the cultural sector, which has now been almost completely disrupted for a few weeks. But now there is good news from Frankfurt: at the Jahrhunderthalle there will be THE entertainment hotspot of the Rhine-Main region in summer 2020: The STAGE DRIVE cultural stage!

Festivals, concerts and shows as we know them will be cancelled until further notice or postponed until next year. At the moment, culture actually only takes place on the net. But that can't be a permanent state for the audience or the artists. And this is exactly where the new project of the Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt comes in: In order to counteract the cultural standstill for the inhabitants of the Rhine-Main area and to make culture a community experience again, the STAGE DRIVE Kulturbühne FrankfurtRheinMain will be launched on 22 May 2020.

The concept is in principle very similar to that of drive-in cinemas, which are just springing up like mushrooms, with one big difference: At the STAGE DRIVE Kulturbühne the focus is clearly on live shows from the entertainment sector. At the opening on 22 May, cabaret artist Urban Priol, for example, will reflect on "lockdown, shutdown and showdown of the wondrous weeks of madness in the pandemic political circus".

Initiated by the Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt, an alliance of competence and business companies from the Rhine-Main area has come together to save a piece of culture with the STAGE DRIVE Kulturbühne FrankfurtRheinMain via the "Corona Summer". In addition to the Wirtschaftsinitiative FrankfurtRheinMain, the agency Jazzunique, Frankfurter Sparkasse, Gonder Facility Services, the gardening and landscaping company Immo Herbst and Jahrhunderthalle brewery partner Braustübl&acute have so far been involved in bringing the project to fruition within a very short time.

In strict compliance with the necessary safety regulations and rules of conduct, the large parking lot at the Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt is being transformed into an entertainment arena for around 300 cars. A stage, framed by two 50 sqm LED screens, forms the setting for live shows and formats from a wide range of entertainment areas. Comedy events, readings, live podcasts, concerts, DJ events, cinema screenings, family entertainment and corporate events are planned. The sound is transmitted directly to the car radio via an FM frequency.

S-Promotion Event GmbH, as one of the leading event agencies with a focus on comedy entertainment, will be the programme partner for the kick-off with a colourful bouquet of comedians and cabaret artists. Besides the premiere event with Urban Priol on May 22nd, performances by Bülent Ceylan, Nicolai Friedrich, Willy Astor, Erkan & Stefan, Florian Schroeder, Hannes Ringlstetter, Nicolette, Ingo Appelt and the Kikeriki Theater have been confirmed so far. The advance booking will take place exclusively online and started on Friday, May 8th.

Further concerts and shows are already in the pipeline and will be updated daily on published.

The goal of STAGE DRIVE is to make culture accessible to people again. As creative as the cultural offerings that are currently offered online are, they cannot replace the real live feeling. The STAGE DRIVE culture stage will also be different, like live concerts in the Jahrhunderthalle. Nevertheless, this offer is a nice alternative to living room concerts: live, real, with event character and at the same time completely low-risk.

Another important aspect is that the existentially threatened event industry - organisers, service providers and artists - is getting a (new) field of activity in this time of crisis and can thus secure jobs over the summer months. "Together with our great partners, we conceived and realised the STAGE DRIVE cultural stage on the grounds of the Jahrhunderthalle within a very short time. On the one hand, to offer artists and service providers a platform and perspective, on the other hand to give positive impulses to the people in the region in these tense times and to provide long-awaited variety," says Moritz Jaeschke, Managing Director of the Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt. "The STAGE DRIVE Kulturbühne is also a platform for Frankfurt companies and institutions from Rhine-Main to present and position themselves. Anyone who has become curious is welcome to contact us at any time," animates Jaeschke.

Information, programme and ticket links to STAGE DRIVE Kulturbühne FrankfurtRheinMain are available at

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