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Subway with ice rink motives rolls through Frankfurt

19.02.2020 | 08:58 Clock | City whispering
Subway with ice rink motives rolls through Frankfurt

On Monday, February 17th, a subway with motifs of the Frankfurt Ice Rink took up the ride through the city. Prior to this, she was introduced to the public by Mayor Peter Feldmann, Head of the Sports Office Angelika Strötz and Thomas Wissgott, Managing Director of VerkehrsGesellschaft Frankfurt am Main (VGF), during a joint trip from VGF Depot East to the main station.

"We Frankfurters are proud of our ice rink", emphasised Mayor Feldmann, who also steered the rink himself during the presentation - not for the first time, by the way. The Lord Mayor went on to say about the popular sports facility: "Not only is the foundation stone laid here for important successes in the various ice sports disciplines. It is also a meeting place for young and old to be active themselves and of course to cheer on our Lions Frankfurt".

The rink shows the mascot of the ice rink "Kufi" and promotes skating on more than 9000 square meters. It is intended to bring even more attention to the ice rink, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2021. For the next three years, the rink will be on display in Frankfurt's cityscape and, fittingly, will also operate between Enkheim and Praunheim (Heerstraße) on the underground line 7 with the station Eissporthalle.

"The Frankfurt ice rink has the largest contiguous ice surface for public running nationwide", said Angelika Strötz, head of the sports department, at the presentation. "We are pleased that we were able to win VGF for this wonderful cooperation."

The attractiveness of the ice rink is greater than ever before. In 2019, the team of the Frankfurt Ice Rink set a record: around 617,500 people visited the sports facility on the Bornheimer Hang, more than ever before. Compared to the previous year, this represents an increase of around 33,000 visitors. </The large number is also made up of members of the eleven ice sports clubs that train there regularly (121,000 in 2019) and people who attend events in the ice rink (224,000). For example, around 4,000 visitors a year come to "Family on Ice", the opening event at the beginning of the main season, when admission is free and, for the first time in the season, the outer ring is also freely accessible. In addition to the size of the ice rink, the 400 metre outer ring is also a special feature. This area is open to traffic daily during the main season, i.e. from November to mid-March. There are also 2000 pairs of rental skates available. </p>

The ice rink is not only the venue of the DEL2 ice hockey team Frankfurter Löwen. Among the many events in the ice rink are the VeloFrankfurt bicycle fair, the amateur dance tournament "Hessen tanzt" and the Award Ceremony of the Mainova IRONMAN European Championship.

In order to maintain the attractiveness of the ice rink, several areas have been successively renovated since 2018 without any restrictions for the users. For example, the hall lighting was recently completely converted to energy-efficient LED technology. The valuables compartments in the harness hall and the floor there will probably be renewed this year. In addition, the ice rink will be brought up to the latest fire protection standards. The total cost of the investments amounts to around 3.8 million euros. The refurbishment is to be completed next year. </Information on opening hours, prices, children's birthday parties and other offers such as curling and curling can be found at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

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