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The Kobelt Zoo opens at the end of May

24.05.2020 | 14:58 Clock | Favourite places
The Kobelt Zoo opens at the end of May
The Kobelt Zoo opens at the end of May
The Kobelt Zoo opens at the end of May

The season for the volunteer run Kobelt Zoo in Frankfurt's Schwanheim district always starts on May 1st. But this year, like everywhere else, everything is a bit different. And so the start into the new season has been delayed by one month. Now the small zoo will open its doors on 31 May - and only under special conditions. Instead of Saturday and Sunday, the Kobelt Zoo will only open on Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm for the time being. During this time only a maximum of 50 people at a time are allowed to stay in the enclosure.

Wearing a mouth and nose protector is compulsory in the entrance and toilet areas, on the rest of the Zoo grounds it is recommended but not obligatory. Important: You must bring your own masks, none can be provided on site. The zoo can currently only be visited on the designated circular route. The playground, the reptile and chinchilla house will remain closed and the sale of food and drinks is suspended for the time being. In addition, there is a ban on feeding and stroking the individual animal species throughout the entire zoo.

. Especially for a small zoo like this the situation is extremely difficult. Therefore it should be a matter of course for all visitors to support the volunteers by following the rules. And to leave a small donation at the exit is of course also welcome.

To be able to welcome as many visitors as possible at the start, the Kobelt Zoo will also be open on 01.06.2020 from 11 - 17 o'clock. So this nice place in Schwanheim is finally a nice alternative to the big Frankfurt Zoo, which is often booked out for weeks due to the current restrictions.

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