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The program of the summer shipyard Limited Edition

14.07.2020 | 22:34 Clock | Culture
The program of the summer shipyard Limited Edition

As we already told you HERE, this year the SOMMERWERFT, the popular cultural festival on the Main, will take place in a slightly different form. We are very happy to support this limited edition of the SOMMERWERFT as a media partner and are now able to present you more details about the program that will be offered from July 24th to August 9th at the Weseler Werft and other locations in the city. protagon e.V. will present you an adapted cultural program under Covid regulations. From Thursday to Sunday there will be open-air theatre, singer & songwriter, poetry slam and performance at the Weseler Werft for a limited number of visitors. If you can't make it to the Main or can't be there due to admission restrictions, don't be sad: This year, all Sommerwerft fans can also join in via livestream.

From Monday to Wednesday the area by the river is closed and the Sommerwerft becomes mobile: On these festival days, theatre artists will be parading through districts and places in the region and performing scenes from plays by the Frankfurt ensemble antagon theaterAKTion. This Sommerwerft mobil is made possible by the support of the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain. The Sommerwerft Limited Edition supports the Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt am Main. All offers and activities are of course accompanied by measures to keep the audience away from the theatre, to protect against infection and to ensure hygiene, which were developed in cooperation with AES Konzept and other partners. July 24th after 3 p.m. the "Sommerwerft mobil" will move from the pedestrian passage Ostendstraße to the "Sommerwerft - limited Edition" on the eastern bank of the river Main - completely in the tradition of the "cultural invasion" with which the summer shipyard is usually rung in. This kick-off will be accompanied by speeches by the head of the Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt am Main, Ms. Sybille Linke, and by Dr. Julia Cloot, curator and deputy managing director of the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain.

Since March 2020 protagon e.V. has been working together with antagon theaterAKTion, AES Konzept and other partners on the question of how theatre in public spaces can be adapted to the pandemic measures? Almost weekly the regulations and possibilities change for a limited variant, which could be implemented including hygiene measures and visitor restrictions. The answer is now given by all those who have worked on the preparations and decisions: live on site from Friday 24 July or in the live stream from 9 pm.

>. Whether the official number of visitors, currently 250, may be exceeded on the extensive Main riverbank area is still being investigated with the relevant authorities. "250 people on the Sommerwerft site would be more than a pity, as we can coordinate much more with our planning on this large area," says Marina Fischer, part of the Sommerwerft team from protagon e.V, and hopes that this will eventually be possible.

A tailor-made hygiene and safety concept was developed by protagon e.V. and the Frankfurt experts of AES Konzept GmbH and adapted according to the current regulations of the Hessian state government. The measures also include Covid tests for international helpers.

The site has been thoroughly planned

It is clear that in these unusual and also insecure times a festival like the Summer Shipyard has to be planned extremely well. So the team of the Sommerwerft has been preparing a real limited edition version for weeks. To create cultural freedom for people in this very different summer in such a way that it is safe for all involved - visitors as well as actors - is a challenge that the association, together with strong partners, can meet. The aim is to finally create a cultural venue again - low-threshold, despite limited visitor numbers. More space, but no tents and considerably fewer performances are planned. All areas that were otherwise occupied by theatre tents, Bedouin tents or the containment of the cocktail bar are this time planned as open spaces, partly with projection screens. They would be used for theatre and music performances, but also for chilling out in marked areas close to the action. Thus, there will be one or two open-air singer-songwriters, songwriters, songwriters and performances in the public space in addition to one theatrical performance each evening.

Streaming program online and public viewing

The program will be realized from Thursday to Sunday at the Weseler Werft. The summer shipyard is streamed digitally and in parallel: Thu - Sat 21:30 - 23:00 & Sun. 19:45 - 22:00. Because not many people are allowed to stand at the stages, there are screens for the theatre shows at several places on the premises. When it gets dark the cameras go online and show a pre-program and then the shows. The online streaming program shows the shows including the supporting program. There are also pictures of the atmosphere on the site and reports about ongoing activities of other initiatives, all of which have the same goal: to live a culture of openness and solidarity worldwide.

You can find the stream at

In addition to FRIZZ Frankfurt, our long-standing media partner and Frankfurt's free culture and event magazine, our portal will support the Sommerwerft's online presence so that more people can "be there".

Theatre in public space, in the living space of society

The original idea for the Sommerwerft once came from the heads of Frankfurt's largest theatre collective antagon theaterAKTion, which in turn sought its locations for performances in Frankfurt. To develop this designated location for events in the east of Frankfurt 19 years ago was the path that protagon e.V. paved with the Sommerwerft.

Maybe this is what makes the atmosphere of the Sommerwerft so special: the development of a public place that thrives as a work of art that is realized by actors, artists and theater makers themselves. "And: the public space is just now the living space that our society has for cultural use. The times and our living together have changed significantly and will also have an impact on the forms of our social interaction in the future. The question for me as a theatre-maker is now, will this future take place with experiential performing arts or without them. The Sommerwerft 2020 will be an answer to this question," says Bernhard Bub, the artistic director of the Sommerwerft.

Corona and the associated regulations for larger audiences is one current problem, the other, the challenge of the equally strict distance regulations for theatre artists among themselves. Larger productions cannot be created on stage in this way unless the artists live together. That is the case at antagon. The ensemble lives and works as a collective on the cultural grounds of the protagon association and supports many projects with artistic and technical expertise. This year, antagon TheaterAKTion can therefore play large productions on the street, the stage in public space.

Scenic performances in urban space

Monday to Wednesday antagon TheaterAKTion, together with protagon e.V. and AES Konzept, will make scenic journeys into urban space with a mobile concept and mobile stage. Where otherwise few cultural offers arrive, where perhaps theatre and performing arts are not immediately expected, walk acts and station theatres bring a kind of mobile summer shipyard to the people in the districts and living spaces.

appointments: Monday (27.7 & 3.8.), Tuesday (28.7. & 4.8.) and Wednesday (29.7. & 5.8.)

Sommerwerft mobil - NO operation on the site. The venues will be announced starting next week. This project is supported and made possible by the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain.

Also in 2020 the Sommerwerft idea will come alive despite the world situation and remain diverse, close and down-to-earth - despite mouth and nose protection, distance control and space management.

Programme contents Summer Shipyard limited Edition

Weseler Werft Do - Sa, admission from 5 pm, Sun from 12 noon.

Mo - Mi Sommerwerft mobile, no operation at Weseler Werft

Fr (24.7.) Under open sky


3 p.m. SW - mobile Start Ostendstraße "Theatre to the people" with speeches

16 - 5 p.m. Scenic journey to the Wesel shipyard.

On the premises


18 - 7 pm Grapefruit Acoustics/8:00 - 9:00 p.m. Ivan Santo's trio at 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. Theatre at 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m.45 o'clock Frame Games antagon theaterAKTion

Sa (25.7th) On the back of time.N</x>

20 - 9 pm The Beecham Brothers


21.45 o'clock (antagon - Frame Games) s. Friday, 24.7.

So (26.7.) From big and small.

flow market

12:00 - 21:00 o'clock, starting at 20:00 dismantling start

>P>Covid-19 this year maximum 40 stands.</Music...6 - 7 pm Luna de Paita</p>


20:00 o'clock Poetry Slam

Mo. (27.7.) to Wed (29.7.) Summer shipyard - mobile - NO operation on the site

Do (30.7.) Where the leaves sing>>




>18 - 7pm King Baumgardt Duo, Blues>

20 - 9 pm Reverend Schulzz


21:45 Night of Performance - Brazil

Fr (31.7th) When there is darkness. >>




18-19 pm Cris Cosmo>/p>>>x>N</x>

20 - 9 pm Blackbirds

dance solo

21:30 o'clock JINEN Butoh solo - EARTH - Atsushi Takenouchi

Sa (1.8.) The freedom of the will.


18 - 19 o'clock Mane

20-21 pm Nadine thimble


21:45 o'clock (dream of a thing - antagon thaterAction)

So (2.8th) In confused times.

flow market

12:00 o'clock - 21:00 o'clock, from 20:00 dismantling begins (max. 40 tables)

Wegen Covid-19 this year maximum 40 stands



18 - 7pm Casual Friday


20:00 o'clock Song Slam

Mo (03.8) to Wed (05.08) Summer shipyard - mobile - NO operation on the site

Do (6.8.) Still waters are deep.## Strong### Take Love easy##<xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx45 Uhr Package antagon theaterAKTion </p>

Fr (7.8th) The wisdom of fools.</Strong music at 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Love, death and the devil.

20-21 pm Non Solo Parole


21:45 Night of Performance - Butoh

Sa (8.8th) Against the storm.</Strong, strong, x, N, x, x, p, music, x, N, x, x, p, 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. HUEPA, Latin jazz.</P>x>N</x> P> 20 - 21 pm BembelBluesBoys inside P>x>N</x> P>theater P>x>N</x> P>21:45 o'clock (antagon - time out)

So (9.8th) Be who you are.

flow market

12:00 o'clock - 21:00 o'clock, starting at 20:00 dismantling starts (max. 40 tables)

Wegen Covid-19 this year a maximum of 40 stands


17-18 o'clock House & Düppers

19-20 o'clock Raga Werk

21-22 o'clock Embryo - jazz rock, world music.

educational program "Corona-Safe Training for Body and Mind" like Yoga & more: Thu - Sun 18 - 20 o'clock.

The cultural space on the grounds will be performed by Shiva Grings and walkacts with Kascha B.</More information is also available at: </p>


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Sommerwerft 2020 - limited Edition from protagon e.V. on Vimeo.

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