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The Tiger Gourmet Restaurant Receives a Star for Coskun Yurdakuls Flavor Kitchen

01.03.2019 | 13:33 Clock | Culinary
The Tiger Gourmet Restaurant Receives a Star for Coskun Yurdakuls Flavor Kitchen

Gratulation! Frankfurt is one star kitchen richer. We owe the Coskun Yurdakul to the chef of the Tiger Gourmet Restaurant at Tigerpalast Varieté Theater, who has now been awarded a star by the renowned Guide Michelin. 

The reason for this appreciation can be found in Coskun Yurdakuls' varied and creative cuisine style. He uses the region's wide range of products and complements them with oriental flavours. Yurdakul already completed his training under Viktor Stampfer at the Tigerpalast and then moved to the Schlosshotel Lerbach to further refine his skills. After this time the Tigerpalast could win him back as chef for the Palastbar-Restaurant, where he worked together with established star chefs like Martin Göschel and Chris Rainer. 

After two years as head chef in the Palastbar-Restaurant, he moved within the group to the Caféhaus Siesmayer in the Palmengarten, where he also worked as head chef from 2005 to 2012. In 2012 Coskun Yurdakul, at the request of 2-star chef Andreas Krolik, moved back to the Tigerpalast, where he supported him as chef in the palace bar restaurant. 

Since 2017 Coskun Yurdakul has been in charge of the kitchen at the Tiger Gourmet Restaurant. 

The Tiger Gourmet Restaurant is characterized by Yurdakul's unique cooking style. His French gourmet cuisine with oriental flavours offers completely new compositions that guests discover and enjoy every evening. The Guide Michelin has awarded the Tiger Gourmet Restaurant for the 2019 edition with a star for its outstanding flavor cuisine:

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