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"U5-Day" on 5.

02.11.2016 | 15:56 Clock | City whispering
'U5-Day' on 5.

Use of unusual trains on the U5 - Surprises and entertainment in the trains - Free ride between main station and Preungesheim.

On the occasion of the commissioning of the barrier-free converted station “Glauburgstraße“ the VGF organizes a “U5-Day“ on 5 November 2016. On this Saturday, underground trains and train compositions will be on display on the line that would not otherwise run on the U5. Vehicles of the types „U2“, „U4“ and „U5“ are used. On this day the VGF also offers free rides on the U5 between the main railway station and Preungesheim for passengers, onlookers or the hopefully numerous visitors to the Eckenheimer Landstraße. 

The U5 runs every 10 minutes on Saturday until about 12 noon, then every 7.5 minutes until about 6 pm. The trains in detail: 

Course 0501 used from depot east: „U4“ / „U4“
Course 0502 from Eckenheim: “U5“ / „U5“
Course 0503 from east depot: “U4“ / „U5“
Course 0504 from Eckenheim: „U5“ / „U5“
Course 0505 from Eckenheim: “U4“ / „U4“
Course 0506 from Eckenheim: „U5“ / „U5“
Course 0507 from Eckenheim: “U5“ “U4“
Course 0508 from Eckenheim: “U5“ “U5“““

That is: After each “normal“ train of two “U5“ wagons, as they have been “since the commissioning of the station “model school“ on the 8th of January, “ the train is in the middle of its journey. In addition, a solo car of the „U2“ type travels two minutes behind the course 0504. These railways have formed the backbone of the Frankfurt subway system since 1968, but have been replaced step by step by the modern “U5“ types since 2008. At the beginning of April the VGF said goodbye to its veterans from the line operation, but three cars with the numbers 303, 304 and 305 were returned to their red and white delivery condition as far as possible. A “U2“ in line operation will no longer be seen so quickly on line U5. 

The VGF rejected the use of “U3“ and “PtB“ cars because of the differences in height between the new platforms and the older vehicles, because the risk of accidents would have been too great due to carelessness when getting on or off the train. In each case one of these car types, together with another “U2“, however, stand as “vehicle parade“ for photographing between 10 and 16 o'clock in the depot Eckenheim. It was organised by the Historische Straßenbahnen Frankfurt e.V. association. (HSF). The three vehicle types not only represent the first 20 years of operation of the Frankfurt subway, but also show the Frankfurt colour palette in their different paint finishes in Subaru-vista-blue („U3“), ivory orange („PtB“) and red and white („U2“).  

On the “U5-Tag“, on the other hand, the “U5“ car with the number 641, which will advertise Nordend in the future, will be in use. The VGF deliberately opted for advertising for the entire, diverse district, not for individual shops or a single shopping street. This car will be presented on 4 November as part of a special local advisory board and press trip. 

In the period from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the VGF will also provide a little variety and entertainment in the regular trains and at the stops: two stilt walkers will be on the move at the new stations, and small prizes will be awarded at small games in the railways. Frankfurt-born Eva Kumant makes music with her accordion in the lanes - „unplugged“. 

From Düsseldorf comes Erkan Dörtoluk, who in the lanes made from his new book „Du hast mir das Kind, nicht ich“ reads. Piper Verlag describes what this has to do with buses and trains: “A hot summer day, the tram gets stuck in traffic. The passengers suffer in silence, only two older ladies talk loudly about incontinence, teenage girls a row further up exchange detailed information about their latest smooching experiences. At such moments Erkan Dörtoluk takes notes: Relationship advice, life wisdom or health tips - he listens when too bizarre and private things are discussed in public and takes the reader on a crazy and entertaining ride through the merciless reality of German local trains.“ Dörtoluk knows what he is writing about, as a "whistleblower of tariff zone A" he posts absurd scraps of conversation from public transport on his Twitter channel @rheinbahn_intimately. And these absurdities he certainly doesn't only hear in Düsseldorf buses and trains. With three readings, Dörtoluk can be heard in the course of Saturday in the U5. 

Not quite as bizarre or musical: The VGF info bus is in Nordend, it stands on Eckenheimer Landstraße with information about Frankfurt's local traffic. 

The VGF wants to create with the „U5-Tag“ a framework in which shops on Eckenheimer Landstrasse can take part with their own actions to advertise themselves and their street. The VGF has made contact with the tradesmen, a number of shops will participate with their offers in the “U5-Tag“. 

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