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Walter Möller plaque 2018 goes to association Frankfurter TierTafel

05.10.2018 | 14:46 Clock | City whispering
Walter Möller plaque 2018 goes to association Frankfurter TierTafel

Every two years, the City of Frankfurt honours associations and groups whose outstanding activities make a special contribution to the common good. One such association is undoubtedly the Frankfurter TierTafel, which is an important and valuable help for needy people with pets with its tireless commitment. For Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann, it is quite clear why the Frankfurt TierTafel deserves to be awarded the Walter Möller badge: “For many people in need, their pet is an important social partner and psychological support“, says Feldmann. „I am therefore delighted that the Walter Möller plaque 2018 will go to the Frankfurt TierTafel association. This is how we reward outstanding work for the common good“. The award is expected to be presented on Monday 19 November at 12 noon.

The association visits the often elderly owners of the animals, provides food and takes care of their medical treatment. If the owners have to go to the hospital, the TierTafel provides a temporary home. In case of financial need, the association - also supported by sponsors - steps in. 25 volunteers work tirelessly to achieve this - 550 hours a month, even on weekends and public holidays.

„The blackboard provides valuable help for needy people by helping their animals“, explains the Lord Mayor. The legged companions assume an important function in the lives of elderly and lonely people. They give their owners emotional warmth and structure in everyday life. Therefore, the owners do without a lot in their own lives in order to be able to finance veterinarian and feed. “The help of the blackboard makes it possible for poor people to have more money to live on without having to suck around their beloved companions - in this case the animals“, says Feldmann.

At the same time the animal table has another important function. The meetings with the employees of the association are important social contacts. In the conversation with the visitor, one or the other concern comes to light, which is burdensome. The employees of the animal board then make contact with care services or social council houses and are the first link in a chain of helpers. “This mission impresses - not only me, but also many others in our city“, Feldmann said. A number of celebrities, including Eintracht-Legende Jürgen Grabowski and “Badesalz“-Comedian Henni Nachtsheim, have supported the promotion of the TierTafel to the Walter Möller badge.

The joy about the award is great at the Tafel. “The 10,000 Euro prize money is of course a great support for our work. But the public recognition associated with the Möller badge is at least as important to us. That motivates! For this we would like to thank our supporters and the city“, says Conny Badermann, First Chairwoman of the Tiertafel.

In memory of the Lord Mayor Walter Möller, who died in office in 1971, the magistrate honours groups and associations every two years which are particularly committed to the common good through their outstanding activities. are members of the jury: Lord Mayor Feldmann, Head of the City Council Stephan Siegler, journalist Tim Frühling and Rabbi Elisa Klapheck.

Further information about the award you can read HERE

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