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What is "Frankfurt Secret"?

21.10.2019 | 16:31 Clock | City whispering
What is 'Frankfurt Secret'?

Frankfurt has many highlights to offer that everyone really knows. But what makes the city so attractive are its many hidden treasures. 51 of them have been selected over the past few months and are now being awarded the "Frankfurt Secret" signet on their shop doors. With a special city map all those interested can go on a treasure hunt of a special kind. In addition economics department Markus franc and the founder members of the community of interests Frankfurt Secret invite. Whether they are owner-managed craft businesses, fashion labels, artists, designers, bars and restaurants: what they all have in common is their uniqueness and their own touch, which makes them a "Frankfurt Secret". Every week, one of the "Secrets" selected in the first round is presented in detail via the social media channels. Markus Frank, head of the economic department, explains the project idea as follows: "The small owner-managed retail trade is a high good that we want to protect in the best possible way. With this beautiful project by Frankfurtern for Frankfurt and its guests we want to show what distinguishes the city in terms of coolness and hidden qualities. In addition to the internationally renowned images of the banking and business metropolis, which are undisputedly of great importance, there is also Frankfurt am Main with its unique people, courageous business ideas and many small jewels to discover. I believe that this voyage of discovery will bring joy to many different people and it will provide a breeding ground for a growing cohesion of this scene." 

Frankfurt Secret is a joint project of the think tank Pantera Rosa (Florian Jöckel, Jörg Schrod, Markus Wendel), the desres design studio (Michaela Kessler) and the creative agency "esistfreitag" (Amin Baghi, Vicky Prüfer). 

Florian Jöckel, founder and CEO of Pantera Rosa GbR knows: "Even for us Frankfurt insiders there are always secrets to discover. We hope that in this somewhat different scene guide as many people as possible will find one or two new discoveries or rediscoveries in our beloved city." 

Amin Baghi, who is already looking for the special places in the city with the magazine "Frankfurt du bist so wunderbar", adds: "Frankfurt is always said to be more attractive - the city is too smooth and too ordinary. It gives us much pleasure to show that this is not the case." 

Now the Frankfurt-Liebe project started in the B74 SELECTED GOODS at Berliner Straße 74. Further stops were the Frankfurt Lauftreff at Grosse Friedberger 37-39 and the Gewürzhaus Schnorr at Neue Kräme 32. 

All information about the beautiful project can be found at

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