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With new garbage garages against the packaging flood

18.03.2020 | 08:07 Clock | Service
With new garbage garages against the packaging flood

You may almost not believe it, but there are other problems besides the corona virus in the current situation. One of them is the flood of garbage that cities like Frankfurt are facing. Especially in public spaces you can always find to-go cups, pizza boxes or clear packaging of meals and drinks that people have consumed outdoors. This rubbish not only clogs up the public waste baskets, but is also often left lying next to them. For this reason, the City of Frankfurt and FES Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH are adapting the municipal waste disposal infrastructure. Claudia Gabriel, head of the Clean Frankfurt staff unit, and Michael Werner, FES spokesperson, presented the new waste garage on Tuesday, 17 March, at Luisenplatz in the Nordend district of Frankfurt. </This is a 120-litre large refuse container, whose chutes can also hold large pizza boxes. Wastebaskets of this size have so far only been found at the Römer, on Königsteiner Straße in Höchst and on Matthias-Beltz-Platz. Now about 30 of the new generation of wastebaskets have been ordered at a unit price of 1500 euros. They are intended for urban squares that are visited by many people and where food and drinks are consumed in to-go packaging. </p>

The Luisenplatz near Berger Straße is such an urban meeting place. Especially on Fridays, the square is used by many as an alternative to the Friday evening meeting place Friedberger Markt. Restaurants and several kiosk shops are within walking distance. The cast-iron frame of the garbage garage accommodates a standard household waste bin without lid. Four large chutes allow easy disposal from all sides. To empty the bin, the FES employee has to open a door, pull out the bin and remove the bin liner.

1890 tons of waste were disposed of in 2019 via the total of 7500 public waste bins of FES. This corresponds to a weight per frankfurter of three kilograms. In addition, waste baskets are also disposed of at bus stops and VGF stations as well as on green spaces managed by the municipal green space office. FES counts 1.5 million wastepaper basket collections per year. The most common wastepaper basket in Frankfurt, the V3000 model, is made of blue plastic and holds 50 litres.

In the course of the #cleanffm cleanliness campaign, 1000 new wastebaskets have been hung up in Frankfurt over the past two years, 500 of them in streets and public places. Many of them will be replaced by larger 70-liter containers in the coming months.

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