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You never go that far: The SHOP 100 closes

06.07.2016 | 09:26 Clock | Shopping
You never go that far: The SHOP 100 closes

A city like Frankfurt lives from change. Some of it's positive, others hurt a little. But every end is also the chance for a new beginning. Katrin Feller had this three years ago, after her project KUNST & KIOSK, a pop-up store in an old kiosk on the Oeder Weg, paved the way to a permanent location on Friedberger Landstraße. In the last three years Katrin Feller has run the LADEN 100, in which she has taken care of things that other people no longer wanted and given them a new home. Whether pictures, postcards, furniture, lamps, vases - Katrin Feller makes something new out of old objects by skilful “upcycling“, with which one likes to embellish one's apartment or simply everyday life.

The former butcher's, which Katrin Feller shares with Martin Ehlers and his record shop „Memphis Records“, has a very friendly, neighbourly atmosphere. One feels welcome here and is washed away by a pleasant wave of nostalgia. It is small shops like the LADEN 100 that provide an important counterpoint to the usual chains and give the cityscape an individual touch. And that's why it's always sad when such a deal has to close. And unfortunately this also applies to LADEN 100.

Not until September 1st Katrin Feller opens her shop every Wednesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. In the last weeks you can still buy small souvenirs here, but also bigger pieces are still on offer. But no matter if you only want to buy one of the beautiful postcards with the stamped saying “Fortunately I am in Frankfurt“, if you want to buy an individual piece of furniture for your own four walls or if you want to embellish the walls with a very special work of art, you shouldn't miss a visit to SHOP 100 in the next weeks.

Naturally the farewell hurts a little. But Katrin Feller also has a positive outlook for the future. For the end of the shop on the Friedberger should not mean the final end. She would like to continue elsewhere and is already looking for a suitable location. And even if the very special flair of the shop on the Friedberger and the combination with “Memphis Records“ is lost, the successor of their LADEN 100 will certainly radiate this very special charm in another part of Frankfurt, which has made the location in central Nordend so special. We wish Katrin Feller good luck for the future and recommend to all of you who love special business in Frankfurt to stop by at LADEN 100 again. Information on special offers planned for August or opening hours in the closing phase can be found at:

(Text: Sebastian Betzold)

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