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Pumpkin spaghetti with hot tomato sauce

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For 4 persons: 1 ripe spaghetti pumpkin of approx. 1.5 kg, 3 tablespoons olive oil, sea salt, ground pepper, grated parmesan, 1 medium onion, finely chopped; 1 clove of garlic, finely chopped; 1 green pepper and 1 chilli pepper each, halved and diced; 6 large tomatoes, skinned and diced; 1 small pepper, finely chopped; freshly chopped garden herbs.

Spaghettikürbis with the fork plenty of holes and then cook in sufficient water for 30-40 minutes. The skin becomes leathery and tears open. Remove from water and leave to cool for 30 minutes. Cut the pumpkin in half crosswise, remove peel and seeds. Carefully dissolve the pumpkin spaghetti from the inside out.

For the tomato sauce, steam the onion, garlic, pepperoni and paprika in olive oil. Add the tomatoes and pepper. Cover sauce and cook for approx. 20 minutes. Add garden herbs and season to taste. Heat pumpkin spaghetti in hot olive oil, cook if necessary. Season to taste. Arrange the pumpkin spaghetti, pour the tomato sauce over it and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.


Plant spaghetti or nutmeg pumpkin

Steffen Heckelmann studies architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden and breeds pumpkins at the same time. He's predestined for it. "It started with the fact that the grandparents always had pumpkins," says the versatile Heckelmann. Grandma and grandpa came from eastern Germany, where pumpkin cultivation traditionally plays a major role. Usually to boil the flesh of the large berries, because this includes pumpkins, sweet and sour.

One distinguishes between edible and ornamental pumpkins, summer and winter pumpkins. The pumpkin, on the other hand, which will surprise many, was named medicinal plant of the year 2005, as the seeds help with enlarged prostate. Because pumpkins not only look attractive and have a lot to offer the eye, they are also of great health benefit. By the way: Cucumbers and melons also belong to the pumpkin family.

Then there is the spaghetti pumpkin. "When cooking, the bowl bursts open," Heckelmann describes the procedure, "but that's not bad, it's desirable. Remove the filamentous flesh, reminiscent of spaghetti, from the burst fruit; it has a light vegetable flavour reminiscent of fresh nuts. A sauce rich in aroma and tidily spicy goes well with it.

"The most aromatic, however, is the nutmeg pumpkin," says the expert. These big, quite warm pumpkins are quite rare with us. The next neighbour on the list of good tastes is the butternut pumpkin.

"It can be used for almost all dishes, looks attractive with its orange flesh and has only a small core," Heckelmann describes its advantages.

Sometimes the flesh of the fruit is difficult to remove from the skin, and expert Heckelmann also knows what to do: "For a soup it is best to use a pumpkin that can be cooked with the skin. Heckelmann can do without pesticides "because the pumpkin is hardly widespread in our region and the pest pressure is correspondingly low". In contrast, mildew is even desired, "then the leaves die and the pumpkins ripen better".

Who wants to enjoy Heckelmann's great variety of pumpkins can come up with almost 200 varieties! -In September, he goes to Hünfelden-Nauheim to the "Nauheimer Pumpkin Worlds". However, in order to have a chance of winning one of the top places in the giant pumpkins competition, you should already have a berry weighing a good 300 kilograms. Last year the record pumpkin weighed 336 kg at a circumference of 3.50 m. You can even use it as a "vegetable boat" like Heckelmann does.

Gold Ground Pumpkin Cultures

Steffen Heckelmann

Neustr. 1

65597 Hünfelden-Nauheim (near Bad Camberg/Taunus)

Telephone: 0178-7872911

Fax: 06438-920861



Opening hours: In the pumpkin season: open weekdays 16 to 18 o'clock; also weekly market in Limburg

from Waldemar Thomas

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