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February 2021
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N-Kuentro makes your hair beautiful

N-Kuentro makes your hair beautiful

Category: Beauty & Wellness
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Whoever has ever bitterly regretted a visit to the hairdresser and cried thick tears after the critical look in the bathroom mirror at home, has learned his lesson. No matter whether hair is cut, dyed, tinted or stuck: a hairdresser has exactly one chance to convince a customer of his or her skills, otherwise it's "once and NEVER again". The team of the Frankfurt hairdressing salon N-Kuentro on Bergerstraße is very aware of this responsibility. That's why the twelve-strong team does everything it can for every customer, only to be rewarded afterwards with a beaming smile. Co-founder Liljana is fascinated each time anew by the influence hairstyles have on the self-confidence of customers. "Some are transformed after the visit and have a completely new charisma," she enthuses. For optimal results with N-Kuentro, however, it is also important to be honest already during the consultation.

Treatments that damage the structure of natural hair, such as perms or extensions are therefore not even offered. Regular training on new trends and techniques is a matter of course for the team. We'll find out: In the coming season, especially clear cuts based on the Scandinavian model are in demand for men, while warm tones and naturalness predominate for women. Far from trends, the hairdressers at N-Kuentro are always concerned with implementing what suits the customers and what suits them. Here empathy and knowledge of human nature is essential. </15 years ago the three friends Lilly, Dzana and Guillermo founded the salon together. In the meantime, there are two branches, which are conveniently located exactly opposite each other. There is a reason why "N-Kuentro" translated means encounter. Everyone is welcome here, with child, dog and cone. The shop stands out pleasantly from many of its competitors in Frankfurt. No advertising posters of large manufacturers of care products, no cool high-gloss surfaces and uncomfortable waiting benches. The N-Kuentro has relied on individual furniture for many years. For example, shelves were built from old windows and own lamps were created. The decoration has changed again and again over the years - but one constant has remained: Barbie dolls. Managing director Guillermo used to make a name for himself with his artistic and provocative window dressing. Sparsely dressed Barbie and Ken dolls loll around here in distinct poses. Not everyone liked it, but it brought a lot of attention to the salon. Even today, dolls are still occasionally seen in the salon: They decorate the electrical box, consoles and shelves. The decoration is particularly impressive in combination with the charm of the old building. Here wooden floorboards provide for cosiness. The cut of the salon is idiosyncratic and simply beautiful: with metre-high ceilings in the entrance area and cosy hairdressing rooms upstairs. The quiet, small terrace is perfect for getting some fresh air and enjoying a break. Many of the hairdressers have been working at N-Kuentro for several years - customers have become friends. Nevertheless, there is always a breath of fresh air from new customers and colleagues. Relatively fresh in the team is, for example, Japanese Nahoko, who has opened up a whole new customer group for the hair salon. The Asian community in Frankfurt has already heard about the personalities like wildfire. The hair of Europeans is very different from that of Asians in terms of structure and the care required. Of course, customers from the Far East are in the very best hands with Nahoko.</p>

address: Bergerstraße 16+17, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

opening hours: Mon - Fri 11 - 20 o'clock, Sat 10 - 16 o'clock

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