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February 2021
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Cream Music - Where music history is written in Frankfurt

Cream Music - Where music history is written in Frankfurt

Category: Music
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There are some places in the city that are often referred to as "institutions". But if this predicate applies to a store, then it applies to CREAM MUSIC. Founded in 1904 at Taunusstraße 24 as Musikhaus Heinrich Hummel, it moved a few houses further on to Taunusstraße 43 after the First World War, where it remained until the summer of 2018. After the early death of Heinrich Hummel, his wife Babette and their two daughters continued the business. The legendary store was then known as Musikhaus B. Hummel for a long time before it was renamed CREAM MUSIC. Even today - now in its fourth generation - it is still firmly in the hands of the family. And while everything here is state-of-the-art in terms of instruments and technology, a lot of nostalgia wafts through the business premises. The red plush sofa, on which several rock greats have already taken a seat, is not to be missed here, nor is the old cash register where the guitar was already paid for, which was purchased by none other than Elvis Presley and which can still be seen in Graceland today.</No wonder that the brothers Bernie and Robert Hahn and their cousins Stefan and Martin Hahn were born with a love of music. If musical greats like John Lennon, the Rolling Stones; Frank Sinatra or Percy Sledge have bought guitars from the family, been in business or even privately, then you can't have a different career. And so it's not surprising that the four of them not only sell instruments, but also make music themselves in various bands after hours. Therefore, you can be sure when you visit CREAM MUSIC: The gentlemen here know what they are talking about. Because here very special guitars celebrated their German premiere, the first Hammond organ sold in Germany came from the music business and the recording studio founded in 1978 also led to the fact that the family name and CREAM MUSIC stand for a very special quality worldwide. And this is to be maintained in Frankfurt for as long as possible.</p>

The Musikhaus has already survived many crises and changes, but has not been able to avert the move, which has been looming for some time. Without CREAM MUSIC, the Bahnhofsviertel would be poorer by an important and very special institution, in which musical history can be absorbed with every breath and in which, as a musician, you are provided with unparalleled service in terms of equipment and advice. But it's nice that this very special place is preserved to us in another place.

>em>address: Seehofstraße 6, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

opening hours: Mon - Fri 10 - 19 o'clock, Sat 10 - 18 o'clock

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