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February 2021
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Die Wendeltreppe - A must for all crime fans

Die Wendeltreppe - A must for all crime fans

Category: Books
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27 years ago Jutta Wilkesmann and Hildegard Gansmüller opened a bookstore in Brückenstraße in Sachsenhausen that specializes primarily in crime novels. Miss Marple, Philip Marlowe or Hercule Poirot have their home here, as well as rather unknown investigators and real detective tips. The experiment to open the first crime bookstore on the European continent in Frankfurt of all places has been successful. After only four years, the bookshop moved to a larger store, but remained loyal to Brückenstraße, where the WENDELTREPPE has enjoyed unbroken popularity to this day.

This is not only due to the literally exciting range of products that one finds here when browsing through the bookshop and antiquarian bookshop. Rather, it's because as soon as you enter the shop you feel the love and passion with which they work here. This becomes particularly clear when one seeks advice. Then you realize that you are not just dealing with the usual salesmen or booksellers, but with real crime lovers who simply want to share their passion with their customers. That's why there are not only books to buy here, but also readings or the popular monthly event where interesting new crime novelties are presented over a good glass of wine. (Reservation absolutely necessary!)

In times in which more and more small bookstores have to close down because they cannot keep up with large chains or online retailers, it is almost a miracle that such a special bookstore as the WENDELTREPPE has been able to survive for so many years. But it's not really all that surprising when you consider that the customer is offered something here that you won't find in online giants or many chains: real expertise, a homely atmosphere and a great deal of love for the exciting pages of literature. Like its owners, this shop is a real Frankfurt original and therefore always worth a visit! Brückenstraße 34, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

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