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Autumn poems

Autumn Special Part 4

When the sun shines through the golden yellow leaves in autumn, when summer leaves with a last rebellion or when wild autumn storms make for long, cosy afternoons on the sofa, you won't always find the right words to describe this very special atmosphere. To give you a few suggestions, we'll now simply let a few great poets have their say.

Autumn picture

This is an autumn day like I didn't see any!
The air is still, as if you barely breathed,
And yet rustling, far and near,
The most beautiful fruits fall from every tree.

O does not disturb them, the celebration of nature!
This is the harvest she holds herself,
Because today only detaches itself from the branches,
What falls from the mild ray of the sun.

Christian Friedrich Hebbel (1813-1863)



Rings one mute, one decolorize:
How gently the forest caresses the air,
Its wilted foliage to caress him;
I love this mild dying.

From hinnen goes the silent journey,
The time of love has faded away,
The birds have sung out,
And dry leaves sink quietly.

The birds migrated to the south,
From the decay of the leaves dive
The nests that no longer need protection,
The leaves always fall, the tired.

In this forest quiet noise
Is me as I hear I blow customer,
that all dying and misdeeds
Only secretly quietly cheerful swapping.

Nikolaus Lenau

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Throttling In the cold heart meaning
Rice I annoyed by the cold world,
The autumn comes to an end, a fog holds
Moist envelops the deadly area.

The winds whistle, moving back and forth
The red foliage falling from the trees,
The forest sighs, the bare field steams,
Now the worst comes, it rains.

Heinrich Heine


Autumn Declared


Extremely so the year ends
with golden wine and fruit of the gardens,
round silence forests wonderfully
and are of lonely companions.

The farmer says: It's good.
your evening bells long and quiet
still give cheerful courage to the end.
A bird migration greets on its journey.

It's love's mild time.
In the barge down the blue river,
how beautifully picture after picture is arranged -
that goes down in peace and silence.

Georg Trakl (1887-1914)


September morning

In the fog the world still rests,
Still dreaming forest and meadows:
Soon you'll see when the veil falls,
The blue sky unobstructed,
Autumn Strong the subdued world
Flow in warm gold.

Eduard Mörike



Now let summer go,
Let storm and wind blow.
Will this rose remain mine,
How can I be sad?

Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff (1788-1857)

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