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October 2020
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Autumn Special

Part 1

Autumn is the season between summer and winter.

The astronomical beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere is set to September 23rd around the time of the equinox.

It ends on December 22nd, the time of the winter solstice.

In contrast to the astronomical one, the meteorological autumn in the northern hemisphere is assigned to the months of September, October and November.

On the last Sunday in October, summer time also ends (CEST).

Originally autumn meant "time of fruits", "time of picking" or also "harvest time".

All varieties therefore find Eharvest and harvest festivals instead of

The Autumn animal circle signs are scale, scorpion and Sagittarius.

Nature changes: The days become shorter, it becomes light later and dark earlier. The evenings become cooler and longer, the power of the sun decreases noticeably.

During the day it is usually still mild, but the nights are already cold and sometimes frosty.

We discover the first colorful leaves on the deciduous trees.

On windy days, adults and children fly their kites.

The migratory birds prepare for departure to their southern wintering grounds.

Some mammals, such as squirrels, hedgehogs, hamsters and bats are preparing for hibernation.

Autumn is also harvest time. The grape harvest is in full swing.

The culinary delights of the season lure you to weekly markets and shops.

These include freshly harvested vegetables and fruit, pumpkins and grapes, as well as mushrooms, poultry and game.

Typical autumn dishes include mushroom and game dishes, soups and stews.

The new wine, Federweisser, tastes best with onion tart.

However, the golden season is mainly fungal. Mushrooms have hardly any calories, no fat, but are rich in fibre, minerals and vitamin B and D.

Autumn is also the hunting season. That's why game and poultry meat are now a special treat

Autumn is an amazing season in a way: The leaves of the trees (the foliage) turn colourful - yellow, orange, red, brown - in this time of death and decay, of retreat and solidification, a barely comprehensible beauty and variety


The same colours can also be found on the weekly markets, where autumn flowers, such as asters and dahlias, shine in warm tones towards us.

In the visual arts, the characteristic attributes of the often personalised representations of autumn are often grapes and vines.

»Golden October«

The name has a long tradition. Already the farmers many centuries ago spoke of a »Golden October«. The name comes from the colour of the leaves on the trees.

The colouring of the leaves usually starts at the beginning of October. When the sun shines into the magnificent splendour of the leaves, this unfolds into a "golden" natural spectacle.

The fact is that in the first half of October a longer period of fair weather often prevails. After fog resolution it is mostly sunny and pleasantly warm with temperatures around 20°C.

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