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Grilling in Frankfurt

The most beautiful barbecue places in town

In summer people are drawn outdoors – not only to relax, but also to cook and eat. Barbecuing together with family or friends is always nice. Whether on the balcony, terrace and garden or on one of the public barbecue areas, enjoying delicious food, a crackling fire and mild summer evenings in a circle of dear people is simply fun. And so that this can be experienced unclouded, we have compiled some helpful tips for you here.


Because of the high temperatures and the dry soils, a barbecue ban is currently valid in all parks and forests in Frankfurt. More info is available here.

Preparation: The right equipment

Of course the right equipment for grilling. Of course there are grill places with already existing fire places. And simple disposable and electric grills are actually available in every well-stocked department store. But those who value quality not only when it comes to the food itself, but also when it comes to the right equipment, can count themselves lucky. Frankfurt is home to 360° BBQ, the largest barbecue specialist in the Rhine-Main region. And here you will really find everything you need for a successful barbecue evening. In addition to numerous grills, the 1,000 square metre exhibition area also offers the right accessories, spices, sauces, specialist literature and more. 

You can also buy high-quality meat here. The local barbecue academy also offers regular barbecue courses where you can learn everything from basics to Hessian barbecuing, the preparation of burgers or fish on the barbecue to American steakhouse culture and barbecuing in winter. Anyone who loves barbecuing simply cannot avoid a visit to the 360° BBQ.

Mo-Fr: 10:00 - 20:00 o'clock
Sa:   10:00 - 18:00 Clock

Wächtersbacher Straße 83
60386 Frankfurt am Main

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On the Grill

Now that you're well equipped, the question is: What's on the grill? For many there is only one answer: meat! Especially in the summer months the refrigerated shelves in supermarkets and discount stores are full to bursting with all kinds of barbecue food. And even if there are a few tasty things, it's well worth digging a little deeper into your pocket for real barbecue enjoyment. Because what good is the best grill if the meat doesn't taste good? Now, you'd better go to your trusted butcher and get some advice. You will always find in the Kleinmarkthalle.

Ob Bratwürstchen, really delicious marinated Spare Ribs or tender chops, here you really get the right thing for every taste. And of course you will also find the ingredients for delicious herb marinades here. In case some herbs remain, HERE we have a good tip for you.

Who doesn't like meat doesn't have to look into the tube when grilling. Baked potatoes (perhaps with homemade green sauce?) or juicy vegetable skewers are just two of the many ways in which you can satisfy your meatless hunger. Very simple, but really delicious: Put a few mushrooms on a wooden skewer, spread with a marinade of olive oil, salt and pepper and put on the grill. It's as simple as it is delicious. All in all, there is no limit to your creativity. But you should pay attention to a good quality of what you put on the grill in any case.

The most beautiful barbecue areas in Frankfurt

Now only the right place to grill is missing. If you don't have a garden or balcony where you can grill, there are only public barbecue places. In most places of the city barbecuing is forbidden, but there are still some nice places. Here are a few selected tips:


Waldspielpark Schwanheim

Schwanheimer Bahnstraße 30, 60529 Frankfurt am Main

Here you will find about 16 small, roofed fireplaces and large, open fireplaces. There are toilets and a kiosk in the nearby water park. You are allowed to bring your own grills, as well as tables and benches.  


On the Lohr , 60389 Frankfurt am Main

Near the popular Lohrberg tavern you will find a specially designated meadow for barbecues you bring along yourself. There are some grill troughs and toilets available. What makes this place so special and also so popular (and therefore also highly frequented), is the great view of the skyline

Waldspielpark Scheerwald

Sachsenhäuser Landwehrweg , 60598 Frankfurt am Main

The popular forest playground has about twelve barbecue areas. There is space here for around 500 visitors. Those who like to barbecue in an intimate atmosphere should be prepared for the fact that there is a lot more going on here, especially when the weather is nice and on weekends. You are allowed to bring your own barbecue, a kiosk and toilets are available.  


Homburger Landstraße , 60437 Frankfurt am Main

The barbecue areas are located right next to the Nidda and are therefore particularly popular. Grills have to be brought by yourself. If you want to do sports before or after the barbecue, you can do so on the nearby basketball and football field.  Inland there are some covered fireplaces


Ostparkstraße , 60386 Frankfurt am Main

In the beautiful Ostpark there are beside the large sunbathing lawns and the pond also some grill troughs. You can also bring your own grills. You should also provide your own seating. A toilet and a kiosk are available


Bockenheim, 60486  Frankfurt

About the Erlebnisbad Rebstock you can grill in the Rebstockpark with a view of the beautiful pond. Various grill troughs are available. Especially for families, the park is a popular meeting place for barbecues on weekends, which is why there is always a lot going on here.


Niederräder Ufer 10, 60528 Frankfurt am Main

The beautiful light- and airbath Niederrad we have already introduced to you HIER . This idyllic place on the banks of the Main River is perfect for barbecuing. Grills, beer table furniture and charcoal can be borrowed or you can simply bring your own. The café and toilets are very close to the grill area.

More info about barbecue sites in Frankfurt

You see, there are some really nice places in town where you can barbecue relaxed. And to keep it that way, all you have to do is leave the barbecue areas as tidy as possible and don't leave any rubbish or food leftovers.

Other than that, we just wish you lots of fun, a good appetite and a nice barbecue season!

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